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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week recap, a legendary socialite dies at a show and Michael Kors once had a Flash Dance moment.
By Nichole Devolites

Nicholas K's dog ends the show

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off with Victor Cruz cutting the ribbon – not just to mark the beginning of one of the greatest weeks in New York, but also his brand new contract with IMG (hint: Gisele Bundchen is also signed by them).

Also in celebration, Miu Miu released 16 special edition handbags.  Missed this collection?  Keep your eyes open for the other fashion week editions coming soon!

Another bag women had their eyes on which is both fashionable AND practical is  Diane von Furstenberg’s iPad bag.

A twist in fashion week was the Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show and who walked it.  See who this “model” wanted to set up on a date.  I have to say that not only do I agree, but would happily be a chaperon.

Coveted the models’ runway nails this past week?  Head to MAC – they were contracted out by some of the hottest designers to paint nails in some of the most eye-popping colors for their shows.

What can also be purchased right away – Marc Jacobs’ runway collection, as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs collection.  They are available immediately following his shows.  He felt all consumers should be apart of the “Fashion Week” experience.

Barbie was also in on the Fashion Week festivities: opening up her closet to some very lucky guests.

Also on display during fashion week, Naeem Khan’s much-talked about leather corset. While some are worried about the image it sets, I’m busy trying to figure out what NOT to wear it with.

What else was talked about: Alexander Wang’s gift bags and the smoke at 3.1 Phillip Lim show.

And now presenting the fall collections:

Trends that are popping up for Fall 2012:

One celebrity you didn’t see at Fashion Week is Scarlett Johansson It seems rather surprising, given her former modeling/spokesperson contracts.

A celebrity no-show that isn’t surprising: Karlie KlossSee why.

Who did crash a fashion week show?  Hint: He has four legs.

While Fashion Week is sadly coming to an end, so did the life of one of New York’s most eccentric and well-respected socialites – Zelda KaplanSee whose show she passed away at.

Now let’s take a momentary break to see Ke$ha’s makeUNDER.

Now that the shock has worn off, check out which Victoria’s Secret model has quit modeling lingerie and why.  With all due respect to her faith, controlling marriages do not last long.

Let’s take another momentary break to hate Blake Lively … and Miss Piggy.

Vans is supporting the arts through contests with school-age students, as well as enlisting celebrities to create designs on their white canvas shoes.  See which celebrity recently designed a pair with her initials.

Another collaboration is forming and it’s for yet another nail polish line.  See who the latest celebrity is to grace OPI.

And in a surprisingly amusing announcement, Michael Kors used to wear leg warmers.

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