Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Editorial

Milan and Paris fashion weeks, the $2M handbag and mantyhose.
By Nichole Devolites

I’d like to start this post with a brand new word.  Mantyhose. Yes, men can now wear our legwear.  But apparently what they can’t do – wash clothes.  See which company is under fire for sexist washing instructions.

For the past 18 months, fashion was all about collaborations.  For 2012, it’s the year of the comeback.  See which designer is back at her stomping grounds and which designer wants his company back.

Still, don’t completely discount the power of the collaboration.  Kanye West just designed a whole line of shoes for Dion Lee’s debut presentation in London and it was a hit!  It was such a hit, in fact, that some uber-exclusive boutiques in Paris will start selling them… at $6,000 a pop.

One collaboration you will never see: Manolo Blahnik and J. Crew.  According to the designer himself, when he sent them 45 pairs of shoes, the company claimed they and Blahnik were collaborating – he had no idea about it.

Another partnership also seems to have split off… and in two very similar directions, with two separate price points.  Read all about Christopher Burch’s new label. His ex-wife Tory is none-too pleased.

Still trying to justify plastic surgery?  Here’s a great financial breakdown. Between that and a Porsche, a procedure will seem to last longer…

… and speaking of looking good, Bruce Willis has announced a new perfume.  How many of you are hoping it smells like his personal choice in cologne?

Some people try to find the right heels for the right outfit but for this particular Olympian, she is having fun matching the right length prosthetic legs to the right hemline.

Milan Fashion Week has come and gone but we still have the highlights from the shows here:

See the trends coming out of Milan Fashion Week:

Curious as to Prada’s justification for their fall collection?  Read it here.

All was not calm in Milan though.  It seems yet another bout of nudity has broken out and this time, in the form of a protest at the Versace show.   Given the theme of the show, it might be sort of understandable.  To see the entire protest, click here but fair warning, most of these images are not suitable for children… or at work.  Still, given the physical shape and look of these women, one can’t help but wonder if 1) They were turned down by Versace or 2) Hired by them to increase publicity.

One place with less nudity – Australia.  According to recent reports, the continent has the highest rate of skin cancer and is doing something about it.

With Milan Fashion Week behind us, it’s time to say “Ciao” to them and “Bonjour” to Paris.

The biggest piece of news to come from this city (since Karl Lagerfeld’s last piece of news, which is like once a week) – Salvatore Ferragamo’s show. Although this was to just be an exhibit at the Louvre, and because Italians are so charming, he was granted permission to show his collection.

See the rundown of Paris Fashion Week’s shows here:

Curious about Balmain’s inspiration for their collection?  It came from a single egg…

See the trends/oddities coming out of Paris this week:

One designer making it hot (literally) at Paris Fashion Week: Rick Owens.

Not to be outdone, Louis Vuitton attempted to follow in the footsteps of Chanel with their

Meanwhile, Banana Republic was trying to make a splash of their own by attempting to “one up” Chanel as well.  I would have been remotely intrigued, had the clothes been for sale on the flight.

In other global news.  Hermès has lost at something – the right to trademark their name in Chinese. In the scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter, as the bigger news comes from their $2M handbag they just created.

Always wanted to shop in Daphne Guinness’ closet?  Now you can.  Some of her wardrobe, including pieces from Alexander McQueen, Chanel and others will be up for auction this summer.

Think your beauty routine is long?  Check out this vintage video, crica 1936 and compare.

Karl Lagerfeld can now include “Political Cartoonist” to his resume.  And speaking of Lagerfeld, don’t miss this week’s edition of S**t Lagerfeld says.

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