Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

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Real couture goes to the dogs, free cosmetic procedures for the poor and Pantene’s 80’s movie montage.
By Nichole Devolites

Live in chic style at a low price – this one-bedroom Missoni-designed condo is going for $82,000.

Fashion for Paws is just a few weeks away and in celebration, let’s take a look at some true doggie couture by some major designers.   My favorite – Mugler – very Lady Gaga.

Just when you thought fashion news might be coming to a lull, Olympic threads are beginning to surface and this time, some major designers are at the helm.  See which famous designer has teamed up with Adidas to create the British Olympic Team uniforms.

Meanwhile, on the same day that that collaboration was presented, Giorgio Armani launched his Olympic campaign, which was met with ire by aforementioned designer.

Not interested in wearing Olympic gear?  Try American Idol’s new clothing line.  From the looks of it, Tommy Hilfiger and Steven Tyler had a love child.  With that being said, I can already hear more bad singing across the U.S. than ever before.

On the topic of American Idol, former judge Paula Abdul is opening up her closet to eBay.  I took a peek at the first 15 of 58 pages of stuff and it’s “eclectic”.

What was also on sale and fetched a lot more than expected – Marie-Antoinette’s shoes.

At Manchester University, there is a male professor out to stop unnecessary breast augmentations, by suggesting push-up bras, to help boost self-confidence.  My question, what happens when you remove the garment?  My guess: Disappointment in false advertising.

A place where cosmetic surgery is all the rage – and even offered to the poor for FREE?  Brazil.  That’s right… guess where I’m moving.

Still, not all beauty coming out of Brazil is for everyone.   There’s a 12 year-old girl there who has hair over five feet in length.  I believe this is how Crystal Gayle got her start.

… and while we are on the topic of international beauty, see what Alberta Ferretti has to say about the difference between Italian and American shoppers.

As most women know, fashion sizes in different countries are like trying to remember currency.  Well, add one more to your list.  It looks as though Mexico is now getting its own.

Who says beauty has to be on the ground?  Virgin Atlantic has announced its own lip color, which female flight attendants are already sporting in the Upper Class cabin.

This was discussed two years ago in the media – a machine that tells you what jeans would look best on you.  But it seems that through various testing, a new machine has emerged that already has Bloomingdales interested – Bodymetrics.  Will “mom jeans” now be a thing of the past?

… and back when “mom jeans” were the rage, so were some of Patene’s long-lost products.  Well, they’ve decided to re-launch some of them and celebrated with a Funny or Die video.

Speaking of the 80’s – those bright hues are all the rage for spring and summer this year and last week, Jennifer Lopez nailed it in a Michael Kors dress.

Records were set in Bucharest last week for “Longest Train on a Wedding Dress”. This 1.85 mile train took 100 hours to sew.  I would hate to be the Maid of Honor in that wedding.

Too much train?  Try Bebe’s new bridal collection instead.

Want to live in chic style at a ridiculously low price?  Head over to the Philippines where a one-bedroom, Missoni-designed condo is going for $82,000.

In “shocking” fashion news, The New York Times is proclaiming that skirts will be a trend for this spring.  In the sarcastic words of Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada, “ground-breaking”.

To go with said skirts, consider Christian Louboutin’s “Sex Shoes”.

Have you seen this man?  Marc Jacobs created a “Wanted” poster and matching t-shirt (for sale I’m assuming) to help spread awareness over his still missing collection.

In this week’s edition of “S*** Karl Lagerfeld Says”, he takes on the Japanese eating more junk food.  The reason for this comment: He was hosting a launch party in Tokyo for his new photography book “The Little Black Jacket”.

Not enough?  Read more about the ongoing fued between the designer and Robin Givhan.

In insignificant news, Madonna’s new video “Girls Gone Wild” has been restricted on YouTube..  She’s shocked.  I’m shocked she’s still allowed to perform – especially after that cringe-worthy Superbowl performance.

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