FYIDC: Easter Monday At The Zoo

by Editorial

For families, the National Zoo is a new Easter tradition.
By Jill A. Norris

Pandas play an important role at the National Zoo's Easter Monday celebration. (Photo by istolethetv)

Since 1981, the annual Easter Monday at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park has united families from across the District in the pursuit of adorable animals. The Monday celebrations at the zoo also celebrate the Easter traditions of African American families, so they provide a great opportunity for all children to learn more about Washington’s African American culture. With so many attractions scheduled, it’s easy to get lost in the 163-acre zoological park, so we have put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you navigate your day. And don’t forget, admission is free!

Egg Hunt

Take part in one of Easter’s most famous traditions and search for eggs that are hidden throughout the zoo. Just be sure you grab the colorful plastic eggs instead of the ones inside the reptile tanks– I’m sure the snakes will be most appreciative.

Animal Demonstrations

Small shows throughout the day will showcase the various types of animals that can be seen at the zoo. They include a great cats exhibit, a reptile discovery center, a flamingo exhibit and much more. With so many types of demonstrations, it should be easy to find one that interests you.

Live Entertainment

Live performances will be held all day long that feature gospel, R&B and jazz musicians such as guitarist Damon Foreman and keyboardist Eli Staples. This is a great way for kids to experience various musical genres.

Game Time

Participate in some of the classic field and relay-styled games offered by the zoo. They’re an instant hit with the kids and are even animal themed!

Meet A Panda

Straying from the accustomed “Easter Bunny,” the Easter Panda will be wondering around the zoo greeting kids and families. We suggest you take advantage of this great photo opportunity for the entire family.

The National Zoo is located at 3001 Connecticut Ave. NW. Click here for more information.

Elephants are commonly a favorite exhibit of the National Zoo. (Photo by Bradley Buhro)

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