Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

Discovery flies through the District, Dick Clark leaves a legacy and the Secret Service gets caught in a scandal.
By Lesley Siu

Photo by Doug Francis

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a… space shuttle? The space shuttle Discovery made a final journey around the metroplex on April 17 before settling into its new home in the Smithsonian. Washingtonians turned to Twitter to post pictures, making #SpotTheShuttle a trending topic.

@NASA Look up! Space shuttle Discovery has arrived in Washington and has begun a fly over of the metropolitan area. #OV103 #SpotTheShuttle

@StephenAtHome The Space Shuttle Discovery has arrived at the Smithsonian. I’ve always said it was the Archie Bunker’s chair of space.

@ethanklapper Discovery flies over the Washington Monument #SpotTheShuttle

@JustinHerzig Shuttle might be ahead of schedule for now but wait until it hits DC traffic. #spottheshuttle #OV103

@washingtonpost So, we can get the space shuttle #Discovery to Dulles, but not a Metro train?

Legendary host Dick Clark died on April 18. The entertainment icon paved the way for musicians and producers on “American Bandstand.” Tweets expressed condolences and speculation — will New Year’s Eve ever be the same?

@TheEllenShow Dick Clark was America’s host. He lead an amazing life. I’m sending love to his family and everyone he inspired.

@dclarkp Dick Clark was a pioneer, entrepreneur, showman, icon, legend. The first to truly integrate music and TV. We will march on with his vision.

@scullymike Doctors say that right up to the end, Dick Clark’s heart had a good beat and was easy to dance to.

@juliussharpe Dick Clark was “America’s oldest teenager”. I like to think of myself as “America’s youngest senior citizen”.

@ThatEricAlper The lesson in Dick Clark’s life? Do only what you love. He started out in a radio-station mailroom as a teenager and followed his passion.

Secret Service agents were recalled in Colombia following allegations of misconduct. The prostitution scandal raised questions, concerns and trending topics. Looks like the “secret” is out.

@Ruth_A_Buzzi Hey, just because you’re a Federal Agent with the US SecretService doesn’t mean you know how to get properly serviced and keep it a secret.

@MattGoldich The Secret Service scandal is the most embarrassing thing to happen to Colombia since Vinny Chase’s “Medellin” bombed at Cannes.

@BorowitzReport The Secret Service thing makes me wonder if the uterus is the wrong organ politicians should be trying to regulate.

@kelkulus US NEWS: Up to 21 prostitutes hired by Secret Service in Colombia. FRENCH NEWS: Only 21 prostitutes hired by Secret Service in Colombia.

@januflores Is anyone really surprised by stuff the “Secret Service” is doing? “Secret” and “service” is right there in their name.

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