Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

The Kardashians extend their TV time, teams select players in NFL draft and tree huggers unite for Arbor Day.
By Lesley Siu

Photo by CelebrityFashion

The Kardashians are on top of the trends once again. The famous clan recently signed a reported $40 million deal to extend their E! reality television show. Like it or not, it looks like America will be “Keeping up the Kardashians” for three more seasons.

@obrienmedia Doing nothing is worth millions! // Kardashians Sign $40 Million Deal with E!

@EricIGN Please, America, I implore you: STOP CARING. RT @DeadlineTV: Kardashians Signs Deal With E! For 3 More Seasons

@DeathStarPR E! are paying the Kardashians $40M. SURELY that money could be better spent, e.g. on a giant catapult to hurl them into the sun.

@BorowitzReport 1962: America trying to win space race w/Russians. 2012: America trying to keep up w/Kardashians. #USA

@ninatypewriter And that, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with this country: Kardashian’s Sign $40 Million Deal with E! via @TMZ

@sarahcolonna Everybody thinks it’s raining in LA. But really the Kardashians just signed a 40 million dollar deal and now God is crying.

Football fans across the country are tuning into the NFL draft. Whether rooting for teams or hoping for players, the Twittersphere proves that the NFL draft is an event to follow.

@Samantha_Steele …And somewhere, an ex girlfriend is crying. #NFLDraft

@NOTSportsCenter If a non #NFL player wants to do something crazy like try to kidnap the President, now is the time. With the #NFLDraft on no one will notice

@pourmecoffee Fun Fact: Nine of the expected top ten picks were raised by Sandra Bullock. #nfldraft

@PeytonsHead We now move to the section of the #NFLDraft where everyone says “who”?

@FballProblems I may not move from in front of the TV for the next couple days #NFLDraft

@JJWatt Tonight, childhood dreams come true, all the sacrifices pay off & a new journey begins for 32 guys. It’s a special day. #NFLDraft

We “wood” tweet about trees to celebrate Arbor Day. First recognized in 1872, the holiday raises awareness and encourages activism from the environmental community. It’s not surprise that #ArborDay grew into a trending topic.

@pourmecoffee Remember to celebrate Arbor Day today by acting real shady.

@JackBox Working from my tree house in honor of Arbor Day.

@OnlyAGameRadio In honor of #ArborDay, we salute Tree Rollins, Charles Oakley, Kerry Wood, Arthur Ashe, Don Cherry & the @MapleLeafs. Who’s on your list?

@EAHolla Shout out to all my photosynthesizers! #happyarborday

@MrWordsWorth It’s Arbor Day. A day for you to branch out.

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