Wine & Spirits: Wine Riot

by Editorial

Join the movement and indulge in 250 wines from all over the globe.
By Jill A. Norris

Wine Riot offers an interactive wine-tasting experience. (Photo taken by Paul Aloe)

Wine Riot offers an interactive wine-tasting experience. (Photo by Paul Aloe)

Take a break from protesting all of the political issues going on in Washington and rally in honor of something much more important — wine. Wine Riot makes its way to the capital on Saturday, May 5 as part of its 2012 U.S. tour to help Washingtonians learn everything there is to know about the wine industry. But don’t worry, this isn’t your father’s wine tasting. Wine Riot has a temporary tattoo station, a photo booth, music, and dancing. If it weren’t for the 250 wines available to sample, the wine tasting would fade away into a raucous party.

But wine lovers, never fear. The wine won’t play second fiddle at the event. From 1:00-5:00pm, and then again from 7:00-11:00pm, Wine Riot will be occupying the Daughters of the Revolution Constitution Hall . For $50, participants receive a GoVino Wine Glass, made from recyclable plastic, that is their ticket to unlimited tastings of 250 wines from the U.S., Europe and even parts of South Africa. Wine Riot also offers a free app for iPhone and Android users that lists all of the wines featured at the event and where you can locally buy all of your new favorites. Snacks will also be available, but the people at Wine Riot strongly advise eating a sizable dinner before making your way to the tasting– preferably one with a lot of carbs.

Meeting new people, learning something new and having a great time while doing it seems to be the goal behind this innovative wine-tasting experience. Tyler Balliet and Morgan First started the company in 2008, and it has been growing ever since. This year’s tour reads like a bullet point list of America’s urban centers, and includes stops in Boston, Chicago, Austin, San Fransisco, New York City and Los Angeles.

Does the thought of wine tasting and and a party have your palate tingling with excitement?  Click here for additional information.

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