Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

The Met brings fashion forward, Obama supports gay marriage and JPMorgan Chase’s surprise loss.
By Lesley Siu

Amber Heard at the Met Gala 2012 (AP Photo by Charles Sykes)

Who needs a runway in the red-carpet world? On May 7, celebrities stepped out in their couture best for the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fashionistas followed the Twitter buzz to see and review the elaborate ensembles. With the excessive amount of live tweets, it was easy for the style savvy to “live in the moment.”

@RyanSeacrest On way to #metgala…the only place I don’t feel awkward asking “who are you wearing?”

@DerekBlasberg Marc Jacobs is in a lace dress and square toed Pilgrim heels at the #MetGala. That’s it, ladies. You can go home now. He’s the Best Dressed.

@Fashionista_com overheard on the @voguemagazine livestream “except for that idiot behind you the picture’s perfect” #METGALA

@dkny Los Angeles is officially empty. #MetGala @voguemagazine

@TOMFORDISMYDAD Haven’t been tweeting much, I guess I’m still in shock of what Beyonce wore to the Met Gala.

Barack Obama opened up on May 9 voicing his support of same-sex marriage, reversing his initial stance. Whether it was 140 characters of support or opposition, the presidential endorsement turned the controversial subject into a trending topic.

@thedailybeast Why did #Obama switch on gay marriage now? To distract from the economy.

@MashUpRich If u don’t like #gaymarriage, then just don’t get #gaymarried. Pretty simple solution.

@dorothysnarker If the President of the United States can evolve, so can the rest of the nation. History is coming, don’t get left behind. #gaymarriage

@ronmarz You know what would be even more awesome? If the President supporting gay marriage WASN’T news.

@JohnFugelsang If you’re watching CNN, Obama just said he supports same-sex marriage. If you’re watching FOX, he just made it mandatory.

@jkottke Obama supporting same-sex marriage is possibly the best thing since Lincoln freed the gays, killed those vampires, and invented Facebook.

Money talks, and people tweet. Today, JPMorgan Chase announced a surprise $2 billion trading loss. Is it time to invest in stronger financial regulation? The Twittersphere responds.

@HuffingtonPost $2 billion goes POOF!

@Ch8rming I don’t always play Monopoly. But when I do, I prefer JP Morgan Chase to be the banker.

@FearDept Looks like we may need your cash for the next round of bank bailouts sooner than expected. #JPMorgan #2big2fail

@lshelby Economic realities: Beggars can’t be choosers. Bankers can’t be trusted. #jpmorganchase #jamiedimon

@edhenryTV Riddle me this: how the heck are big banks still doing credit default swaps ?? Didn’t they nearly bring down economy?? #jpmorgan

@benstewart999 Be honest, who amongst us *hasn’t* lost two billion bucks in six weeks through errors, sloppiness and bad judgement? #JPMorgan

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