FYIDC: Cairo in the Capital

by Laura

The Egyptian Embassy invites guests to experience the culture of Egypt, right here in DC.

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By Nina Cordès

Stunning Egyptian art on display at the Egyptian Embassy (Photo Courtesy of the Egyptian Embassy)

Thousands of people took a journey to Egypt without leaving Washington on Saturday, May 5th, by participating in the Around the World Embassy Tour, part of the fifth annual celebration of international culture, Passport DC. Passport DC is a month long event, featuring tours of over 70 embassies and hundreds of other internationally centered activities over the course of the event-packed month.

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One of 40 embassies open during the tour on May 5th, the Egyptian Embassy hosted over 5,000 guests who were eager to jump right into learning about Egyptian culture at this spectacularly crafted occasion.

The recent revolution in Egypt heightened the visitor’s interest in learning about aspects of the culture that reflected the serenity and civility of Egypt and its citizens. Egyptian foods were served at the event for guests to sample, while they partook in both lively music and beautiful art native to the country. A vast array of brilliantly vivid colors was abundant at the event between all of the beautiful sculptures, carpets and paintings on display for viewing. Activities geared towards children were set up as well, providing entertainment for the little ones in the form of face painting and images to be colored of traditional Egyptian landmarks.

Over the duration of Passport DC, multiple embassies host events directed at channeling awareness towards international culture and customs. Through this wonderfully cultural experience, the Egyptian Embassy has definitely achieved their goal of spreading knowledge of customs and traditions native to Egypt to their guests, while never having to leave the District.

Feeling international? There are a plethora of upcoming events at Washington’s embassies to sate your multicultural curiosity. Starting May 17, the Peruvian Embassy will host an exhibit featuring the art of Malena Santillana, a Peruvian artist whose works combine the disparate mediums of oil painting and video installation. Also on May 17, the Spanish Embassy invites the public to view ‘Intacto,’ the first feature film of native filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. With so many international opportunities awaiting you in the District, who needs to splurge on vacation?

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Native Foods

Attendants sample delicious Egyptian foods. (Photo Courtesy of the Egyptian Embassy)

Visitors Enjoying the Open House

Smiling attendants enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere at the Egyptian Embassy open house event. (Photo Courtesy of Organization)

Egyptian Artifacts

Guests browse tables of Egyptian artifacts during the event. (Photo Courtesy of the Egyptian Embassy)

Tents at the Open House

Seated under beautifully colored tents, guests lounged and snacked on traditional Egyptian foods.(Photo Courtesy of the Egyptian Embassy)

Activities for Children

Children attending the event were captivated by face painting and coloring stations. (Photo Courtesy of the Egyptian Embassy)

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