Society 2.0: Food Finds

by Editorial

Celebrate restaurant week at your desk with our food finds from around the Web.

By Stephie Hass

Broccoli Forest foodscape by Carl Warner,

It’s restaurant week in Washington and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up some food blogs you can devour right at your desk. Brooks Brothers is offering a series of blogs featuring seven key recipes that every man should know, all of which are surprisingly simple. In addition to a gorgeous online magazine, Whole Foods has a new Tumblr for creative foodies and gardeners. Bon Appetit spotlights a blog featuring lines of poetry alongside photos of doughnuts and, sadly, eBay announced that it will no longer sell magic potions.

Finally, be sure to check out our food features celebrating the 100th birthday of Julia Child this week and RAMMY-winning pastry chef Fabrice Bendano of Adour as he prepares two tempting desserts on camera.

“A well-rounded gentleman (and rogue) should always have a few culinary tricks up his sleeve via Brooks Brothers @BrooksBrothers

“Looking for cool stuff in between issues of our online magazine, #DarkRye? CHECK OUT OUR NEW @TUMBLR BLOG!” via Whole Foods Market @WholeFoods

“Literary quotes paired w donut photos? Solid (or jelly-filled) blog gold.” via Bon Appetit Magazine @bonappetit

“EBay Says Users Will No Longer Be Able To Sell Magic, Potions, Curses” via NPR News @nprnews

As you try new meals and restaurants this week, keep Instagram close by. The photo app, popular for its distinctive filtered shots of cupcakes and lunches, just launched a mapping feature that allows users to tag their photos to a specific location. Watch the video below to see how it works.

“Announcing Instagram 3.0 – Photo Maps & More /″ Instagram @instagram

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