Society 2.0: A Week of ‘Firsts’

by Editorial

Social media still buzzing over Teddy’s win, the debates and a new ‘It’ bag.

By Mary Eileen Barber

Nationals' Presidential mascots duke it out. (Photo by Terren Peterson via Wikimedia)

Social media is still buzzing over last week’s Presidential debate, increasing the stakes over tomorrow night’s one and only Vice Presidential debate. That’s a lot of pressure, Bryden! Nats fans who witnessed mascot Teddy Roosevelt’s long-awaited win (with a little help from a Phillies mascot) at Nationals Park last Wednesday are still in awe, which is only fueling the hype over the baseball team’s possible World Series run, its first in 79 years (the playoffs started today, Oct. 10). And in case you missed it — BIG news for the fashion and handbag-conscious — Karl Lagerfeld sent an enormous hula hoop-like bag down Chanel’s Spring 2013 RTW runway. Model reported some shoulder pain, but said her hips are in great shape. Just kidding.

Debating the debates

“Wonder if Obama has asked Bill Clinton to Cyrano de Berjerac with him during the next presidential debate.” via Indecision @indecision

“The next presidential debate should take place in a Family Feud format.” via Mick Farrell @StumpWoodley

“I can’t wait to be disappointed by that Presidential Debate.” via Jim Gaffigan @JimGaffigan

“I hope Jim Lehrer gets the license plate of the truck that drove over him in this debate” via Al Roker @alroker

“I disagree with all the criticisms of Jim Lehrer. I’d much rather a presidential debate moderator be mute than a show boat.” via Emily Miller @EmilyMiller

“More than 70M people watched the Presidential Debate. A new record. See what happens when I am so prominently mentioned (just kidding)!” via Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump


“I’m just getting warmed up! Time to get ready for the postseason! You ain’t seen nothing yet! The Rough Rider has arrived!” via Teddy Roosevelt @Teddy26Nats

“The great @LetTeddyWin says on his blog Teddy had lost 525 consecutive races.” via Mark Zuckerman @MarkZuckerman

“Ted Leonsis: “Teddy Wins, the playoffs are about to start, a great omen. …. It is shining a bright light on DC sports.” #Nats” via Stephen Whyno @SWhyno

Fashion’s ‘BIG’ hit

“’It’s for the beach’ – what is Karl Lagerfeld talking about?” via UK @BritishVogue

“Karl Lagerfeld’s Newest Chanel Bag Looks Like A HulaHoop, Y’All (PHOTOS) via @HuffPostStyle want. Need now” via SashaCharninMorrison @sashacharnin

“For those of you who are always complaining that your bag‘s not big enough: @chanel can help” via Cindi Leive @cindi_leive

“Things that look like the Chanel hula hoop bag: this bike rack “ via Lesley Kat @lesleykat

“How does one get Chanel’s new hula-hoop bag into the limo? It looks too big to go through the door. Does one strap it to one’s roof?” via anne flippin @annex

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