Society 2.0: Pink, Pitt and Project Runway

by Editorial

Social media lit up over this week’s big ‘P’s.’

By Mary Eileen Barber

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney made their own debate news with their matching hot pink dresses, reportedly for breast cancer awareness. (AP Photo/Carolyn Caster)

Twitter could barely keep up with all the tweeting during Tuesday night’s presidential debate, as the site reportedly experienced a whopping 7.2 million tweets. Index fingers and blame went out lightening fast, and terms like “gangbangers” and “binders full of women” were thrown around as Obama and Romney fiercely took on undecided voter questions on topics including jobs, the economy and immigration, squeezing every last second they could get — and then some — into their responses.

Meanwhile, the candidates’ wives made their own debate news. Though they may differ politically, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney expressed their fashion solidarity for breast cancer awareness. Both attended the heated town hall dressed in cheery bright pink, with Mrs. Obama in Michael Kors and Mrs. Romney in Oscar de la Renta. The first lady donned a string of pearls while the governor’s wife sported translucent jade-hued beads, bangles and light blue nail polish. And speaking of color, did you notice that Obama’s and Romney’s ties swapped sides?

On a less political fashion note, Brad Pitt’s ads for Chanel No. 5 burned up social media because, you know, every Chanel woman “inevitably” aspires to smell like a man. The ads hit overly dramatic notes starring a disheveled Pitt, with subtle hints about how wife Angelina might smell.

And everyone’s talking about the “Project Runway” Season 10 winner — Dmitry! Dmitry Sholokhov’s “organic architecture” came to life on the season finale, along with the concepts and designs of his three other highly talented finale contenders, Christopher “deconstruction and reconstruction” Palu, Melissa “new exploration of death to life” Fleis and Fabio “cosmic tribalism” Costa.

“Are Michelle and Ann wearing the same violently pink dress?#debate” via Roxana Elliott @RoxanaKate

“First the pink dress, now the blue nails? Ann Romney copies Michelle Obama’s nails from Dem Convention (Poll) via @THR” via Elizabeth Snead @ElizaDish

“Who wore it better? Michelle or Ann? Both in expensive pink frocks for the debate. Ann had better accessories! ” via Kelly Collis @cityshopgirl

“Ok 1 last tweet Michelle Obama wins the best pink dress over Ann Romney hands down!” via Patrick Green @peag72

“On #debate night, Michelle O was a VISION in pink. Ann R was a sight! You’d think that kind of money would be better groomed and dressed!” via Norman Jones @Nojogolf

“I’m going to have to give Ann Romney the definitive win on the pink dress “who wore it better” vs Michelle Obama”
via Taylor White @taylortots1

“I love the pink dress/necklace combo @AnnDRomney #debates” via Jessica Clayton @CRNCjessica

“I guess everyone else missed the pink dress memo? #debates” via Jennifer Apple @Apple_Jennifer

“Do you think Michelle and Ann called each other and were like, “On Debate nights we wear pink!”?” via CarolineK @_carolinek

“So do Obama and Romney call each other up before the debate and coordinate ties? #TheRealQuestions” via Henry Gonzalez @HenrytheG

“Romney wearing a blue tie, Obama a red tie. Debate inception.” via Stephanie Haberman @StephLauren

“Underreported story of last night’s debate: in a show of bipartisanship, Obama wore the red tie & Romney wore blue.” via Evan Hensleigh @futuraprime

(Brad Pitt for Chanel)

“That Brad Pitt Chanel ad is unfortunately scripted. He says “My fortune”. I hear “My big paycheque”. He says “Inevitable”. I hear despair.” via HelenOHara @HelenLOHara

“All Brad Pitt’s Chanel ad says to me is that he’s a mouth-breather. ” via Elaine L. @LaineyGossip

“brad Pitt just realized his Chanel No. 5 ad was for perfume, not NBC #oops” via Robin Thede @robinthede

“That Brad Pitt Chanel commercial is cringeworthy. I do not like being embarrassed for Brad Pitt, yet here we are…” via flora amalie @floraamalie

“Brad Pitt on the Chanel No.5 advert just makes me melt.#inevitable #babe” via Annie Simpson @ANNIESIMPSON_

“’i’m brad pitt, what i’m saying makes no sense, but i’m beautiful, so it doesn’t matter. chanel no. 5’” via Barney Smith @barneyrobsmith

“I <3 #brad pitt. especially in fight club.Not so much when he’s whimsically stroking his beard for a perfume ad…even if it is Chanel.” via Serrena Pang @Serrena_Pang

“I hope Brad Pitt feels as ridiculous as he looks in that pretentious chanel advert. #nonsense” via Nat Ling @lingadingding

“the stench of the new #BradPitt #Chanel commercial couldn’t be drowned by any amount of Chanel number 5.” via apinchevsky @apinchevsky

“Is it just me or do the new Chanel ads with Brad Pitt seem horribly over-acted? …” via Peter Infante @PeteInfante

“Just seen the new Brad Pitt Chanel advert. My guess is that Chanel is a kind of mystical, sentient force pervading the cosmos.#Chanel” via Christopher Shevlin @chrisshevlin

“Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5? When are we going to see George Clooney for Lancome Tresor? ” via HuffPost Celebrity @HuffPostCeleb

(Project Runway)

“SEASON FINALE!!!!! I never thought I would be in this position! #teamchristopher @ProjectRunway @paluchristopher” via Christopher Palu @PaluChristopher

“So overwhelmed i can’t even tweet. Thank you all for the support.@ProjectRunway #teamfabio” via Fabio Costa @placetocrash

“RT if you tuned in for the #ProjectRunway finale! What did you think of my judging?” via Jennifer Hudson @IAMJHUD

“What do you think of Fabio’s collection?! I must say I love it! It takes me to a different world & tells an amazing story!@ProjectRunway” via Anthony Ryan Auld @anthonyryanauld

“ ‘@NinaSacc: Loved seeing the look on @MelissaFleis’ boyfriend’s face after she showed her collection! #projectrunwayfinale’ #LOVE#soogood” via Melissa Fleis @MelissaFleis

“HOW THE HECK DID ELENA WIN FAN FAVORITE?!!?! HUH?! lol@ProjectRunway” via Mondo Guerra @LoveMondoTrasho

“Thank you everyone for your love and support!!! I am one happy guy! xxx #teamDmitry @ProjectRunway” via Dmitry Sholokhov @DmitrySholokhov

“Dmitry’s story is the American dream — from nothing to something extraordinary. #ProjectRunway @DmitrySholokhov” via Tim Gunn @TimGunn

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