Money Matters: Familiar Faces on Forbes 400

by Editorial

14 locals make the 2012 rankings.

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By ReDonah Anderson

Many familiar faces top Forbes 400 Richest Americans List, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. But this year’s list also includes 14 well-to-do from the greater Washington area — most of whom are no strangers to the list themselves, with the addition of a couple of new individuals.

Jane Cafritz with Jacqueline Mars (File photo)

Owner of the largest candy company and No. 16 on the national list, Jacqueline Mars is the wealthiest local individual (and one of the wealthiest women in the country) with a personal wealth of $17 billion. Mars rose four slots from last year’s ranking, likely with a little help from an increase in Skittles candy sales during a campaign to support Trayvon Martin, according to Forbes. In March 2012, Skittles became the candy of the moment as Americans rallied to support the 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed on his way to his father’s house. He was reportedly eating the candy at the time.

Ted and Annette Lerner (File photo)

Real estate mogul Ted Lerner rose from the number 103 spot last year to 100 this year with a net worth of $3.9 billion. His ranking was likely buoyed by his ownership in the Washington Nationals baseball team and the regional broadcast network, Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN).

Mitchell Rales (left) with his brother Josh, who once ran for U.S. Senate (File photo)

At number 118, Mitchell Rales went down a notch from last year. His brother, Steven Rales (not pictured), took the 120 spot with a net worth slightly below that of his brother. Both co-founded manufacturing and technology company, Danaher.

Jim Feldman and David Rubenstein (File photo)

The Carlyle Group’s David Rubenstein, William Conway Jr. and Daniel D’Aniello tied for the No. 250 spot with hotel magnate Richard Marriott. Each of the Carlyle Group’s co-founders’ net worth dropped to .

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9 billion, compared to last year’s $2.7 billion. Meanwhile, Marriott enjoyed a slight boost with $1.9 billion in personal wealth, up from $1.4 billion in 2011, likely due in part to the family’s expanding hospitality business with spin-off, Host Hotels.

Steve and Jean Case (File photo)

AOL’s self-made mogul, Steve Case from McLean, Va., came in at No. 285 with a personal net worth of $1.7 billion, aided by his investment in deal site LivingSocial, valued at $6 billion.

Bill Marriott Jr. (File photo)

Bill Marriott Jr. is not far behind his brother at No. 298, tied with Baltimore Ravens owner, Millersville, Md.’s Stephen Bisciotti. Both are worth $1.6 billion.

Kevin Plank (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

New to the Forbes 400 is Lutherville, Md.’s, Kevin Plank, chairman and CEO of Under Armour Inc., whose personal wealth of $1.35 billion earned him the No. 345 spot. Not too far behind is Chevy Chase, Md. resident Bernard Saul II, chairman and CEO of Saul Centers Inc., who landed the No. 360 spot this year with $1.2 billion in personal wealth.

Dan Snyder (left) with NVR Chairman Dwight Schar and Jim Kimsey (File photo)

Rounding out the list of Washington billionaires is self-made Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, who graces the list at No. 392 with $1.1 billion in personal wealth, which includes a slight boost from the sale of Red Zone Capital’s stake in Dick Clark Productions, according to Forbes.

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