Society 2.0: Taxi Troubles to ‘Starry’ Turnovers

by Laura

Superstorm Sandy, ‘Star Wars’ and taxis fueled social media this week.

By Mary Eileen Barber

The damage to the Georgetown waterfront after Hurricane Sandy included a debris-filled Potomac River. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The Taxicab Commission in the District kicked prices up a notch (i.e. 15 bucks) after Sandy hit, justifying the higher rates with the notion that people shouldn’t travel in hazardous weather, which put them in the same price range as Uber. Meanwhile in NYC, the Taxi and Limousine Commission, tried everything to keep keep rates reasonable, including lifting the three-occupant limit, while Uber enabled its higher “surge” pricing. Whether companies are just taking advantage or being “entrepreneurial,” feathers were definitely ruffled on Twitter.

“Kudos to DC and Mayor Gray for Actually Sanctioning Price Gouging following Sandy with a $15 Taxi Surcharge…” via Mark J. Perry @Mark_J_Perry

“How was the added $15 fee for DC taxis a surcharge, not profiteering? #sandy” via Staci D Kramer @sdkstl

DC Taxis to charge $15 emergency fare on top of metered rate because of #Sandy. Steep given they still don’t have to take credit cards.” via Michael Crittenden @CritterDJ

@Uber @Uber_NYC Hey, guys. Just wanted to tell you – brilliant idea. Looking forward to using the app and service soon!” via Shaun O’Banion @shaun_obanion

@Uber @uber_nyc You guys are going to clean me out over the next few days. Any “sandy” promotions going on?!” via Matt Wheeler @mattwheeler

“Good of Uber to operate surge pricing in NY today, defend it on economics grounds and only finally to back down once everyone was furious” via Paul Carr @paulcarr

“Mayor permitting taxi ride sharing. All u single NYers get out there & try to share ride w/other singles. Could be great 1st date.” via Dr. Ruth Westheimer @AskDrRuth

Many District restaurants were affected by Hurricane Sandy, but fortunately for their businesses and our tummies, most reopened by Wednesday; some are still offering special spooky brews.

“Dear Sandy: If we give you a case of bourbon, will you go away? Love, Laportas” via Laportas Restaurant @Laportas

“Happy Halloween!! We are open Join us as you head back to work @BlackFinnDC” via BlackFinn DC @BlackFinnDC

“We re-open at 5pm today. Join us for dinner or our Halloween cocktail, the Fist Pump. #openinDC” via Graffiato @Graffiato

“Sandy who? We are OPEN! Come by and get out of the house…” via Public tenleytown @Publictenley

Disney President/ CEO, Robert Iger, bought Lucasfilm from George Lucas on Tuesday for $4.05 billion. (AP Photo/Disney, Rick Rowell)

Star Wars junkies had a field day with the news about George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney. The jokes and criticisms flew around Twitter by star(wars)-struck tweet-ees.

“So Star Wars episode 7 will feature Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen head right?” via Michael Yerxa @mikeyerxa

“Yes, Disney bought Lucasfilm for 4 bil, but I like to think of it as the world contributing 50 cents each to get Star Wars away from Lucas.” via Gladstone @WGladstone

“So now that Disney bought Star Wars, does that make Princess Leia a Disney Princess?” via Gino Quillamor @ginoboi

“I don’t care what anyone says… Star Wars ep. VII is happening & all my childhood fantasies are coming true! :D” via Curt Mega @curtmega

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in shock and then tweeted about it. #StarWars#Disney” via Art Jonak @ArtJonak

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