WL Favorites: From the Boards

by Laura

The pins we can’t stop talking about on WL’s Pinterest page.

By Mary Eileen Barber

Favorite pins this week.

With Thanksgiving just days away, we can’t help thinking about what we’re thankful for, from families to frivolous things. This week, we drew inspiration from party accessories, luxe beauty products, and even tasty transportation.

Board: “Party Accessories”
What: Alexander McQueen Box Clutch
Why we love it: With jewel tones and beautifully embroidered birds and flowers on a jet-black backdrop, this swoon-worthy piece by Alexander McQueen resembles a piece of prized art. It certainly packs a punch with statuesque golden hoops for your fingers and a satiny touch. Greet your host with a story already in your hands when you arrive at the party.

Board: “Look Your Best”
What: Oscar de la Renta Limited Edition Nail Lacquers
Why we love it: This eclectically rich trio of colors are right from Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2012 runway, and are “O” so wearable from what the designer’s careful crafting has shown us. At 22 bucks a pop, “Aubergine,” “Red Carnation” and “Larimar” are all your nails need through the holidays and beyond. And if you’re looking for “something blue” for your wedding, look no further than Oscar’s.

Board: “Design Inspiration”
What: M&M Metro map by Henry Hargreaves
Why we love it: This Metro map is a whimsically sweet alternative to the print edition. We only wish our way to work really was paved with M&Ms. We only have one question: Which M&Ms will represent the Silver Line?

See more of our favorite pins and post your own at WashingtonLife!

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