Society 2.0: Pregnancy and Fiscal Cliffs

by Laura

Royal babies and looming cliffs are the talk of the (Twitter) town this week.

By Laura Wainman

A pregnant Kate checked in to King Edward VII Hospital for an extreme case of morning sickness. (AP Images/Rex Features)

Since her engagement to the future king of England, poor Kate Middleton hasn’t been able to make a move without it being recorded by the stalker-esque paparazzi, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that her “we’re expecting” announcement was given top billing in the news cycle. Congratulations to the soon-to-be parents, and we hope you’re able to get a moment to yourselves to celebrate.

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In the meantime, here’s what the twiterverse has been saying about the future royal baby:

“What’s it like being so famous before you’re even born? #katemiddletonpregnancy” via Hong Loan @hongloan

“After already eating, sleeping and breathing #royalpregnancy news there’s only one conclusion.. Prince Henry is still a total dream boat!

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” via Bridget Kennedy @BridgetAKennedy

“i dont think I can survive 7 months of #Royalpregnancy!” via Carla Chiusano @Carlina8

“Last self-pimp of day: Kids are a ROYAL pain, even more so if they may one day be king:  #KateMiddleton #RoyalPregnancy” via Dad and Buried @DadandBuried

“I’ve already started gaining sympathy weight #royalpregnancy #katemiddleton” via Jenna @veritaszk

The election may be over but the drama is far from finished. With 2013 fast approaching, parties on both sides of the aisle are becoming increasingly anxious about the looming “Fiscal Cliff” that has been repeatedly warned about should Congress not agree on how to reduce our deficit and debt.

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The masses are taking to Twitter to sound off:

“Close loopholes or Raise rates? If the #Debt issue is super bad, shouldn’t we do both? #FiscalCliff , we’re all in this together.” via kevin k @kskpdx

“If unemployment fell to 7.7% under current tax rates, why does @barackobama want to risk it by changing it to raise #taxes? #fiscalcliff” via Marco Rubio @marcorubio

“Only the Mayans can keep us from the Fiscal Cliff now…Only…the Mayans…” via Dan Ewen @VaguelyFunnyDan

“unemployment rate at four-year low – just in time for #fiscalcliff talks to digest such information” via Rick Klein @rickklein

“Once again I ask, why is everybody talking about higher taxes in the fiscal cliff story instead of lower spending? It’s a spending problem.” via Larry Kudlow @larry_kudlow

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