Fashionable Life: Classy and Fabulous

by Laura

Elena keeps it “classy and fabulous” in a structured black and white ensemble.

By Laura Wainman

Elena of Classy and Fabulous has a knack for curating outfits that are timeless. (Photo courtesy of Elena)

In our November issue, we featured a hand-picked guide to the runway’s top 10 trends (p. 54-57), including black and white, studs, peplum, metallic brocade, capes, leather accents, herringbone, ankle boots, motorcycle jackets and military-inspired ware. Now, we have sought out the area’s top fashion bloggers to showcase their takes on the trends. Tune in each Tuesday for the next several weeks to see trendy outfits created by Washington’s finest-dressed and exclusive interviews with the women behind the blogs.

Elena has never considered herself a fashion or style blogger, which is how her blog Classy and Fabulous is often categorized. But for the classically-chic blogger from Russia, her site is about more than the clothes. Her existing love of photography led her to amass quite the collection of everyday photos, from her travels to the occasional outfit, which she decided to share with the world via her internet piece of real estate.

“I think it’s more of a lifestyle blog … I hope to be able to inspire my readers to see beautiful things in everyday life through the pictures I post,” says Elena.

Two years later Elena is still finding daily inspiration in her pictures, whether it be of the lace dress in her closet or a trip to Lavender Fields, and her innovative use of neutrals to create minimalistic but stunning outfits has garnered her quite the flock of followers. We love that her style can be easily transitioned from work to play, and that many of the pieces she uses are wardrobe staples that we already own. We chatted with the classic beauty to find out where she shops, if she is a purse or shoe girl and what item she never leaves the house without.

Elena opts for simple, clean outfits in which she can look presentable while remaining comfortable. (Photo courtesy of Elena)

Washington Life: Describe your style in five words or less:
Elena: Simple, minimalistic, elegant.

WL: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
E: Inspiration can be found anywhere: Internet, bloggers, magazines, streets…

WL: If you could have been born in another fashion era, which one would you pick?
E: Probably the 60s era because of the clean lines, elegant dresses and coats.

WL: Favorite neighborhood for shopping:
E: Georgetown with all its lovely shops and restaurants.

WL: Favorite designers:
E: Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Zac Posen.

WL: What advice would you give to a new blogger?
E: Stay true to yourself and don’t try to copy someone. Be patient.

WL: Favorite current trend:
E: Cozy oversized sweaters. I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day lately.

WL: Are there any styles you will never wear again?
E: As the saying goes “Never say never” but I hope I will never wear a fur coat again.

WL: Be honest, have you ever worn sneakers with a dress or skirt?
E: Honestly, no.

WL: Who are some of your favorite local bloggers?
E: There are so many of them! But the one I’ve been fascinated with lately is Aureta of Aureta’s Blog. She is unrealistically amazing and beautiful.

Elena is never caught dead without her Rayban wayfarer sunnies. (Photo courtesy of Elena)

WL: Are you more willing to splurge on a shoe or bag?
E: Bag.

WL: Most practical Washington shoe:
E: Classic pumps.

WL: Favorite shoe in your closet:
E: High heel sandals for summer and ankle booties for colder months.

WL: What is the most versatile item in your wardrobe?
E: Skinny jeans.

WL: Favorite accessories of the moment:
E: I’m not big on accessories.I usually wear a watch and a bracelet, or a couple of them. go

WL: What are a few Washington winter must haves?
E: Tailored coat, chic pair of boots, and nice pair of sunglasses

WL: You’ve overslept, but still need to look classy and fabulous. What are you throwing on?
E: Boyfriend blazer with skinny pants and heels.

WL: Tell us a fun fact that your readers may not know:
E: I love cooking Korean food

WL: Finish this sentence: “I never leave home without my…”
E: Rayban wayfarer and FRESH’ Sugar Lip Treatment.

WL: Fashion in Washington is…
E: Preppy

Is there anything more classy and fabulous than black patent pumps? (Photo courtesy of Elena)

Would you rather wear….

WL: A leather jacket or boyfriend blazer?
E: ?Boyfriend blazer

WL: Stilettos or Ballet flats?
E: Stilettos

WL: Brights or neutrals?
E: Neutrals

WL: Red lipstick or black eyeliner?
E: Red lipstick

WL: Oversize watch or spiked bracelet?
E: Oversize watch

WL: Faux or fur?
E: Definitely faux

WL: Ankle booties or over the knee boots?
E: Ankle booties

WL: Chanel bag or Louboutin pumps?
E: Chanel bag

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