Society 2.0: When Tragedy Strikes

by Laura

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting sparks reflection and policy debate.

By Laura Wainman

Law enforcement canvasses the surrounding areas following the shooting. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

In the wake of this horrific tragedy, which has left 27 dead and thousands grieving, there are really no words to provide comfort. Explanations will do little to soothe those wounded, both physically and mentally; as President Obama said, “our hearts are broken.” But in the wake of tragedy, many have taken to Twitter to sound off. From those calling for increased gun control to those arguing that guns in the right hands could have prevented the senseless killings, the voices from both sides speak with heavy hearts:

“Prayers for the Victims and Families and please….Let’s grow beyond these senseless acts – We’re better than this …” via Ron Howard @RealRonHoward 

“I totally agree that now is not the best time to talk about gun control. The best time was before 27 people died. The next best time is now” via Conrad Kaczmarek

“18 children dead.18 futures,18 personalities, 18 possible world changers,18 kids that aren’t going home tonight, this is horrible. #sandyhook” via Maggie Doyle @its_maggiee

“If only we had access to mental health care as easily as we do to guns. #sandyhook” via Kristina Dei @2kdei

“Desperately hoping @CNN @NBCnews will stop interviewing children. Please. #sandyhook” via Cool Mom Picks @coolmompicks

“Watching all this unfold, I keep thinking we need to slow down. So much misinformation flying around. Stop. Listen. Think. #sandyhook” via Lance Ulanoff @LanceUlanoff

“Gun bans don’t work. Armed/Trained teachers would. Schools are targets because predators know they’re un-opposed.” via Alex MacDonald @xandermac

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