Inauguration Special: Insiders guide to Obamaland

by Laura

A spotter’s reference guide to Washington’s new political landscape.

The Insider’s Guide to Obamaland

Check out our February 2013 issue for exclusive coverage of the best inaugural events, First Lady fashion and, of course, an insider’s guide to power, philanthropy and society.

Laying out an ambitious battle plan for the next four years, President Barack Obama, made it clear in his inaugural address that there is considerable work to be done. He has assembled a team that seemingly understands that conviction is the currency of politics.After multiple Congressional roadblocks, he is now appealing directly to the people, engaging them in policy debates with a grassroots army of supporters who have his back. He is more experienced now and appears more determined to stiffen his spine in the face of congressional obstructionism.

Four years ago we predicted the new chief executive’s Cabinet and top political and policy appointee choices with considerable accuracy. Having read the tea leaves, here is our best guess at a “spotter’s guide” to the new and established faces of what we like to call “Obamaland.”

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