Society 2.0: Sequestration Struggles

by Laura

Nothing excites Twitter like spending cuts, and the March 1 sequestration is no exception.

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By Laura Wainman

Come March 1, the across-the-board federal spending cuts called sequestration go into effect. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

Unless you haven’t engaged in any kind of social interaction with Washingtonians in the past few weeks, you’ve undoubtably heard the word sequestration time and time again. Every media outlet and their mothers have posted guides to help explain the word, and both sides of the aisle are doing their fair share of finger pointing. And while it is still up in the air whether the cuts will truly cause any change, Tweeters are heatedly discussing the impending cuts:

“Friends ask why I’m silent on #sequestration and #debtceiling. Post#fiscalcliff, I no longer expend mental energy on manufactured crises.” via Dan Smith @dansmithphd

#Sequestration could literally take food away from 600K hungry kids. #NotOK #NoKidHungry  via @CHFinDC” via No Kid Hungry @nokidhungry

“Media says #sequestration cuts will be “drastic, devastating, crippling.” Imagine what will be said if/when US really tries to cut#debt.” via Gerry May @GerryMayKTBS

“LaHood: Over 100 Air Traffic Control Towers May Be Closed#Sequestration” via @cnsnews

“NIH head, Sen. Mikulski warn #sequestration will damage biomedical research, delay clinical trials  RT @sciencenow” via Elizabeth Thomson @eplageman

“The rhetoric here in DC surrounding #sequestration is SO thick you can cut it with a dull butter knife. And its going to get worse b4 3/1/13″ via J.T. Russell @1stCongressGuy

“Guarantee,when #Sequestration happens. My life will not change one bit.

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Is it really the apocalypse they claim? I think not.#transparency” via Lezlie @PeabodyLC

“Question: why doesn’t sequestration have a catchier name? I say we start calling it the Big Trigger. Or maybe the Super Cut. Agree?” via Donna Brazile @donnabrazile

“Pentagon tells Congress if #sequestration kicks in March 1 800K DOD civilian workers are at risk of furlough” via WTOP @WTOP

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