Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

Papal fashion, dieting like Greta Garbo and John Malkovich has a fashion line?

By Nichole Devolites

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Industry News

As if she wasn’t busy enough, Anna Wintour has been given a promotion at Condé Nast. Not only will she still hold posts as editor-in-chief at Vogue AND editorial director of Teen Vogue, she will now be the company’s editorial director. She told reporters that she feels this really isn’t adding to her already miles-long list of responsibilities, as she was “already doing this [consulting] work anyway.”

Target’s newest collaboration features one of the industry’s newest designers. Former Vogue employee and one of the most sought-after stylists-to-the-stars Kate Young‘s first ever collection is due in Target stores on April 14.

Following suit, Kohl’s and Derek Lam have just released a sneak peek of their upcoming collaboration.

Speaking of designers… did you know John Malkovich has had his own clothing line since 2009? Neither did I.  Apparently, his Technobohemian line is selling well. He has now partnered with Yoox for a capsule collection.

If you thought Net-a-Porter had it all before, it didn’t. As of March 20, women everywhere will now be able to shop selected beauty brands as well. Read the article to see what domain name was registered for this concept years ago. Good thing they didn’t lead with that!

CFDA has announced its nominees for 2013 and, sadly, no celebrity fashion icon contenders have been named this year. Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga have held the title in past years, but it seems no one is worthy enough lately to step up to the fashion plate.

… and what is the fashion industry without outlandish legal battles? Heather Thomson, creator of the 5-year-old company Yummie Tummie and RHONY star, is suing SPANX alleging that the undergarments company copied some of her designs. New catfight on RHONY? Stay tuned…

Trend News

Sneakers appear to be all the rage for SS13. Michael Kors, Chanel, Gucci, Maison Martin Margiela and almost every designer out there has taken sneaker design to a whole new level. Check out 47 of the hottest sneakers on the market.

Also hot this season: metallic pastels. I’m now convinced Crayola is behind the color palette for SS13.

Fashion Icon News

Last week, the world saw a new Pope emerge and with it, his shoes. Unlike Pope Benedict XVI and his red (possibly) Prada loafers, Cardinals are praying that Pope Francis will continue to wear his regular shoes as a symbol of humbleness.

Still, His Holiness has to be outfitted with the proper Papal garb. Check out this list of items that will need to be tailored for him. Who knew Papal socks were a must?

… and speaking of Papal fashions… just who is the tailor entrusted with the Papal closet? Ditta Annibale Gammarelli, a family of tailors that has been outfitting Popes since the 18th century. But you don’t have to take an oath of celibacy to take advantage of the family’s services. Just ask Hamish Bowles.

In less-than-holy-news (although she was brought up Catholic), Lady Gaga is recovering from her surgery in style. Ken Borochov of luxury jewelry line Mordekai has constructed a 24-karat gold wheelchair, completed with a removable leather canopy.

Late last week, Manolo Blahnik visited Bergdorf Goodman’s shoe department to celebrate the anniversary of the Brigitte Bardot (BB) design that has become a staple in every woman’s closet. Check out the interview.

Odd Fashion News Worth Talking About

We’ve all succumbed to all sorts of odd fad diets out there. However, after reading about Greta Garbo’s strange diet habits, I felt less crazy and more relieved about the ones I “stuck” to. Check out what The Cut’s writer Rebecca Harrington endured while mimicking Greta’s lifestyle for a week. Hint: I’m pretty sure you would only see these FDA-approved combos on “Fear Factor.”

Although CPAC has passed, I stumbled upon their fashion guidelines, which I can only guess were targeted to younger/inexperienced CPAC-goers who are not regular “Hillers.” I’m not sure what amuses me more: Their suggested guideline “Would you wear it to Walmart?” or having to let attendees know they can’t wear Uggs or Toms. Disturbingly… Crocs didn’t make this list.

Finally, the biggest odd fashion news of the week: Tom Ford changes diapers. Do you think he and little Jack wear matching suits? Because, seriously, that is all I can picture.

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