Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

Gladiators in flats, military women in heels, and slathering children in caviar.

By Nichole Devolites

Photo Courtesy of Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Ever been kicked out of a place for being too good-looking? That’s what happened to a group of men who were in the UAE, minding their own business at Jenadrivah Heritage & Cultural Festival a few days ago. They were deemed to be potentially too irresistible to women. No word on whether or not this could spawn a reality show… or another SNL skit.

It’s official — people DID wear shoes 1,900 years ago! In an archaeological dig on the site of Bloomberg LP’s London headquarters, hundreds of shoes and other artifacts were found. No telling if Patricia Field, famous for hating the gladiator style, would have gone shoeless during that time.

Though the Romans stormed through life in flats, apparently North Koreans storm through in heels. See what female soldiers are wearing these days. While I commend the women on finding basic black heels to “complement” their uniform, I also found a whole selection of trendy military-inspired shoes that would provide a little pop to an otherwise drab and unflattering look.

In other strange news, Melania Trump has declared that not only will her son Barron never wear sweatpants, she also slathers him with her Caviar Complex cream every night. For anyone who worries about the boy ever having a normal childhood, never fear — he takes golf and tennis lessons, too.

And speaking of outlandish… Yves Saint Laurent has a new model: Daft Punk.


You’re all grown up and everything about you screams sophistication, except for maybe your taste in card games (King’s Cup, anyone?). Check out these swanky playing card decks that will surely class up those rather déclassé drinking games.

Rather have an artsy book on your coffee table? Roger Vivier is the next in line to produce a book of what could be considered 340 pages of shoe porn.

Think your shopping habits are bad? Read all about a few of the most notorious and outlandish shoppers in history. All of a sudden, that Hermes purchase doesn’t seem so bad, does it?


Australia is heading into fall at the moment, but that didn’t stop Australia Fashion Week-goers from pulling out bright, beautiful colors from their closet. Check out some of the hippest/chicest looks on the streets of Sydney.

… and while Fashion Weeks bring out some of the most avant garde (and chicest) styles of the season, let’s not forget some other top events that designers (and fashion mavens) are flocking to for inspiration. See what’s cropping up at Coachella.

Want to get into the shift dress trend but not sure how to wear them? Here are some of the best shift dresses out there for inspiration.

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