Power Source: Around the globe with Jason Hinton

by adoucette

Specialists like Hinton help wield the influence of the United States around the world. 

By Adoria Doucette

Jason Hinton, CEO of ConStrat, and Arielle Hinton, his devoted wife of 16 years. (Photo courtesy of Jason Hinton)

With our annual Power 100 list due out in May, defining power and determining who has it seems to be all we can talk about these days. It’s no doubt that global affairs are changing dramatically. As unique, yet complex, challenges and opportunities around the world demand exceptional talent, American entrepreneurs are at the forefront of these new frontiers.

The middle class throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America is expanding exponentially. Governments in these areas are experiencing paradigm shifts that re-shape the fabric of the entire world order, as this shift in global purchasing power has aligned the interests of American business, science, and government in an unprecedented fashion. Tens of millions around the world depend on American-led government and non-profit initiatives. The crux of America’s international power is our ability to integrate disciplines and administer resources that benefit our friends and allies as they implement new systems that America has excelled at since our founding. After five years of aggressive global engagement by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the United States has an active and growing presence in partnership with governments and NGO’s all over the globe. The day to day work of this international development requires an array of specialists.

Power Source highlights Jason Hinton, as one of these highly skilled specialists for his noted accomplishments since founding his company ConStrat in 2006. The Washington, DC-based company has close to 150 employees, and Inc. Magazine recently praised the company for its outstanding 598% growth to over $20 Million in sales in 2012. Mr. Hinton and ConStrat exist within an elite and intense world of global cultural affairs; he’s the mastermind behind the strategic services coveted by The White House, Pentagon, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, United States Central Command, The Aspen Institute, and dozens of the most prestigious and powerful international organizations around the world. Changing demographics colliding with the forces of economic globalization require specialized and skillful navigation of  international public affairs, communication integration and strategic cultural and linguistic analysis. ConStrat provides government and NGO’s these services through crucial on the ground support around the world.

Intelligence that is dynamic and relevant is a fundamental facet of American national security – our highest military leaders at the Joint Chiefs of Staff leverage Mr. Hinton’s skills as a former litigator, foreign media analyst, and political organizer. Mr. Hinton and his team work with global organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies,  as they facilitate integrating international partnerships within constituencies that are rapidly emerging into the global economy and democratic/meritorical political system. Hinton has built one of the fastest growing private corporations in America by leveraging scientific systems with global economic operational requirements.

Mr. Hinton created a team to innovate cutting edge social instability and volatility threat indices based on open source intelligence for the purpose of providing forecast analysis. Understanding the future importance on emerging democracies role in global affairs,  Hinton orchestrated the acquisition of Sidar GLobal Advisors (SGA), a macro research firm specializing in analyzing political risk in emerging markets. The company is also strategically positioning itself within the financial risk management industry.

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This natural progression of services allows ConStrat the ability to offer comprehensive intelligence and operational support to clients at the United States Department of State, White House Communications Agency, and the United States Special Operations Command.

A true modern gentleman, beyond his business accomplishments Mr.

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Hinton is most proud of his beautiful and loving family. As one of the most influential African American entrepreneurs in the Mid-Atlantic region, Mr. Hinton’s strategic stature is a fine example of the business activity unique to our capital city, as it is so important to the global power of America.

Mr. Hinton’s three children. (Photo courtesy of Jason Hinton)

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