WL Favorites: From the Boards

by Laura

The polka dot pins we can’t stop talking about on WL’s Pinterest page.

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By Aysia Woods

We are all about classic dots this week!

We are all about classic dots this week!

Whether you’re picking out an outfit for date night, decorating a master bedroom, or wrapping a present for a friend, you cannot go wrong with a classic polka dot print. The pattern can go from youthful and cute to sophisticated and sexy, depending on how it is styled and used. Check out these versatile and chic dotted numbers we are pining for today.

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Board: “Best Dressed- Women’s Fashion”
What: Polka dot pencil skirt
Why we love it: Who ever said business attire had to be boring? This polka dot skirt gives the bright outfit a pop of personality, not to mention it makes her legs appear nearly a mile long.

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Board: “Home Life”
What: Polka dot wall art
Why we love it: Not only does this funky artwork serve as an eye-grabber, but it also subtly ties together color schemes in the room. We love how the hint of yellow in the art cleverly picks up the yellow chair.

Board: “Design Inspiration”
What: Polka dot gift wrap
Why we love it: First, we adore the way patterns are mixed in this pin—plaid, dots, and floral galore. For total craft lovers like us, this is a stylish way to wrap a present for a child, woman or tween!

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