Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

For Sale: Oprah’s furniture, Amanda Byne’s grill and an Hermes bicycle.

By Nichole Devolites

Photo courtesy Montecito Real Estate Insider

Photo courtesy Montecito Real Estate Insider

In one of the most ingenious moves I’ve seen in a long time, a tech company has hired a luxury fashion CEO to oversee its stores. Burberry CEO Angela Arhendts will officially become a senior vice president of Apple, starting next spring. It is because of her creative use of technology that boosted Burberry’s sales, prompting the tech giant to hire her. See who will be her replacement here.

The quirky fashion photographer, Todd Selby, is about to release another book titled, “Fashionable World.” The book, to be released in March 2014, is a smorgasbord of images from the fashion world. Can’t wait for spring? Pre-order it here.

Hold onto your hats in Milan — literally. The late fashion editor, Anna Piaggi, must be turning over in her grave over one of her most prized hats marked “missing” from the Hat-ology exhibit in Milan.

Across the Atlantic, deep in the heart of Texas, a shop owner would also like to be reunited with about $15,000 worth of hair extensions that have been stolen.

What else has gone missing? Amanda Bynes’ custom grill. Jeweler Ben Baller has been trying to deliver the $10,000 piece to her for months and now, it looks like it will be up for sale. Halloween isn’t too far away…

The Devil may wear Prada but according to Sean Combs’ personal shopper, Derek Roche, he also wears Tom Ford, Gucci and his dates wear $50,000 Roberto Cavalli dresses meant for someone else. Check out the interview about Derek’s new show, which deals with his crazy life.

Another luxury for the fashionably wealthy? Met Gala tickets. Those that pay to hobnob with the uber elite will be forking over $25,000 to start. That’s a $10,000 price increase over last year.


Are you a huge lover of Amazon but felt it was lacking the luxury goods you were looking for? Amazon heard you loud and clear. Last week, the online shop launched a luxury beauty store. Check it out here.

I used to work in an office where boring work attire was accepted and (as I put it) “professional flair” was not. Sarah LaFleur was in a similar situation in the world of finance and decided to do something about it. Read about her new fashion label, M.M LaFleur, and how it gracefully tows that line between office and fashion forward.

Another chic office-friendly label that is local to D.C.? Numari. Peruse their made-to-order collection here.

Need shoes to go with your new outfits, but need something more neutral? Christian Louboutin has figured out what other shoe designers have not yet — skin-tone matching hues are in high demand. See his near-perfect shoe shades in five of his classic designs here.

Need a perfect fall lipstick to complete your look? Plum-colored shades should do the trick.

Or, what about something more minimalist, such as Balmain’s new nail color collection? The unfortunate part… it’s only available at BeautyMART so if you don’t live in the UK and aren’t visiting there anytime soon, you don’t get to be part of the cool crowd. That said, which of my UK friends is in the mood to ship this lady a “care package”?

Imagine walking down a field, picnic basket in hand on a sunny day heading to a serene spot. Now imagine getting to that same spot on an Hermes bicycle. Check out this $11,000 custom-made bicycle available in November — just in time for the holidays.

Want a one-of-a-kind? Oprah Winfrey has decided to re-do her entire Montecito mansion and will be auctioning off the contents of her home on November 1. The Winfrey Collection will be online for viewing this Friday, October 18. In the meantime, read more about why she has decided to take on such a massive project.

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