Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

A $1.85 million holiday gift, yoga at the Smithsonian and no more suffering fashion mag interns.

By Nichole Devolites


Neiman Marcus Wish Book.

Have you always wanted to be a designer? Now’s your chance! VFILES is accepting applications to help put together the fashion website’s user-generated fashion show in February 2014.

… and this isn’t the only company to embark upon user-generated style. Lingerie label True & Co. is made by over 200,000 women who have submitted their sizes, personal preferences, etc. to help the company design the “perfect” bras.

Good news for “child” models — they now have the same rights and benefits as under-age workers in the entertainment industry. Find out what civil liberties they’re entitled to here.

Remember the days of unpaid internships taken to gain “experience” in your dream field? Well, those days seem to be coming to an end in the media industry. Conde Nast has announced they are doing away with their internship program for fear of a barrage of lawsuits from underpaid, overworked interns. I can’t wait to see what these kids think of their full-time jobs in the future…

First Art Jamz in the Smithsonian museums and now yoga. As of October 22, visitors can embark on an ancient yoga journey, complete with a practice if they so choose. Check out the full exhibit and activities list here.

Not that into Zen? Maybe edgy punk is your thing? Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum is for you.

A few months ago, I announced the Prada Journal literary contest, which was inspired but Prada’s line of eyeglasses. Late last week, the five contest winners were announced, each presenting a short reading of their work. Check out the winners here.

Holiday Shopping List

Halloween is over, which means the holidays are right around the corner. Perhaps one of these spectacular gifts will do for that special someone.

What you may not be able to purchase this holiday season: Jay-Z’s holiday collection at Barney’s. If has its way, the African-American rapper would pull out of his contract, refusing to work with a company that (allegedly) racially profiles shoppers. According to Jay-Z, he still plans on doing the collection because he isn’t personally making money off of it. Still, Al Sharpton has been hired to take over this case so stay tuned for the outcome…

What about getting that perfect holiday outfit together? Check out Nina Ricci’s mink and velvet sandals.

… and for men, check out  “Twins for Peace” — a shoe collaboration by Maxime and Alexandre Mussard. For every chic pair you buy, a pair is sent to a child in need.


Love that strapless dress so much that you can’t bear to put it away for winter? Well, the ’90s came calling just in time for winter, so go ahead and layer that turtleneck under your favorite party dress.

What about keeping those feet warm? Channel your inner ’90s high school goddess with the big, slouchy sock this season. (Side note, I just had high school dance team flashbacks — neon Spandex and huge socks, dancing to C&C Music Factory).

Lace was a huge trend in the ’80s and ’90s and its staying power has continued over the last couple of seasons. Check out 15 different ways to wear this trend, here.

Becoming a bride next fall? The Fall 2014 Bridal Collections are here! Take a peek at feminine looks from Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Vera Wang and more.

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