Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

Spectacular holiday displays, lots of gift ideas and drones that will deliver my Louboutins?

By Nichole Devolites


Now that Thanksgiving is over, everyone has full-on permission to do those holiday-ish things that can only be done this time of year. When I was a child, my parents drove my sisters and I around our suburban neighborhoods to see Clark Griswold-esque light displays. But what if you live in the city? It seems New York stores have found the answer to this. Check out some of the city’s most spectacular holiday window displays – it gives a whole new meaning to window shopping.

What else do you have permission for? Sampling tasty treats – especially now that there are dresses out there WITH shapewear built in! (No, Herve Leger and other body-con dresses cannot be a go-to everyday.) Check out the designers that are helping to keep you looking fabulous, even with that holiday cookie in your hand.

…and it’s not just about treats and lights — it’s also about shopping. See some of Jay-Z’s Barney’s holiday collection here.

Want to buy that special someone something more affordable? Are they a music aficionado with impeccable style? Check out the new Beats by Dre Alexander Wang collection, which includes headphones, ear buds and the speaker. They go on sale December 15.

While you’re at it, peruse this something-for-everyone list of gifts.

Have a furry love (or two) in your life? Pick up these great pet gifts.

Need some bling for those upcoming holiday parties? Hatch jewelry has launched with an exclusive discount.

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced this week that by 2015, there will be shipping drones, dropping off our packages to our doorstep, so long as they are under five pounds and are within a 10-mile radius of an Amazon fulfillment center. This begs two questions: 1. Will this alleviate road traffic on black Friday and cause a major airway backup instead? 2. Has he ever seen women shop? It would be like seven storks, delivering seven pairs of shoes, all at the same time.

As some of you know, it IS possible to be CHIC and PREGNANT at the same time. Gone are the days of Spandex-y outfits, shirts that tie in the back and other such garb that scream, “Guess how far along I am now?” HATCHcollection is making pregnant women look incredibly chic while being incredibly comfortable.

What about women who are mistakenly thought of as being “with child” when something they wear is less-than-flattering? A new lawsuit has been brought against counterfeit prom dressmakers, claiming that copying designs can actually make a girl look fat.

Still, lawsuit or not, more and more plus-size models are taking a united front against designers who insinuate that heavy equals ugly — a horrible message to send to young girls with body image issues. Thus, not only are these plus-sized models coming out as feeling “freer” (with Wilhemina providing full support), they are also creating fashion lines and encouraging blogs that show you can be beautiful (and healthy) at any size.

Despite body size, there are clothing collections out there that simply do not look flattering on anyone. Black Milk Clothing in Australia has taken to creating Harry Potter-inspired Spandex clothing. I really have nothing nice to say about this.

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