Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

New rules at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, more holiday shopping ideas and festive looks!

By Nichole Devolites

Photo Courtesy of David Zwirner

Photo courtesy David Zwirner

The biggest news of the week comes from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week designers and coordinators.  IMG, the company responsible for coordinating the events, has indicated that if you do not have a tenuous connection to the clothes, you are not invited — the designers are fed up. This has now, once again, become one of the most coveted invites in fashion history. Check out the other changes that are being made.

Also see who is behind scheduling for the show — this lady has had the same job for 72 years.

Feeling blue over the news? Well don’t wear the color to express your sadness about it, as the color of 2014 is orchid. I don’t think I (or Elle from “Legally Blonde”) could be more excited. Check out this beautiful orchid dress from Suno – who could stay mad in that dress?

Also new for 2014 – Mango’s plus-sized line called “Violeta.” Following suit with other moderately priced fashion brands, Mango recognizes that this customer group is having a hard time finding feminine, beautiful clothing. Take a look at the ad in the link above; it truly does embody what this new line is designed to do: make women of any size feel (and look) beautiful.

What I’m not excited about? Eyelid art. While not permanent, this new “trend” is disturbing. It takes the expression, “It’s written all over your face” to a new level. #bringbacknailart

Still, it’s safe, unlike these antiquated beauty practices – botox has come a long way.

What I could get excited about: Rihanna’s campaign for Balmain hits the nail right on the head. It’s the perfect pairing of her rockstar look and Balmain’s collection. Get a preview here.

Across the “pond,” Princess Diana’s iconic, fairytale gowns sold for $140,000. According to news stories, a telephone bidder from the U.S. won the auction and the gowns will be headed to a museum soon.

What fairytale piece didn’t sell? Victoria Beckham’s wedding crown. Apparently, it was $7,000 shy of its reserve price.

Beyonce and Jay-Z announced they were going on a 22-day vegan diet. Real-life vegans have a problem with this, as they believe the stars should also give up wearing leather. In all fairness, if they were to follow the entire practice of veganism, we’d be seeing a lot “more” of them, as neither would have much to wear. As such, check out Beyonce’s new sense of humor.

Who doesn’t have a sense of humor right now? Lululemon customers, past and present, who have been so outraged over founder Chip Wilson’s comments that he stepped down. He joins a short (but distinguishable) list of founders and CEOs who have made inappropriate comments about women’s “weight-to-fabric-quality ratio.”

Another controversy brewing – Chanel’s headdresses in the Metiers D’Art show in Dallas, Texas. What was expected: Cowboy (or girl) inspired looks. What was shown: Native American. Then again, have you ever known Karl Lagerfeld to NOT be controversial? Need a memory jog on that one? Check out some of his best (and most candid) quotes. Still, Chanel did offer an apology but only to say “sorry you interpreted it wrong.”

Holiday Shopping

Christmas is almost here and if you’re like me, you aren’t even close to finishing your shopping. These luxe beauty gifts would make great stocking stuffers.

If you live in London, you have even more options. Burberry Beauty just opened its first store there.

Almost every year, my dad is on the hunt for a new “fisherman’s” sweater that seems practically impossible to find. Classic, comfortable and warm, check out the latest in cable-knit sweaters. You could get one for every member of your family. It’s great for next year’s holiday cards, too.

Need something for the outdoors? Here’s a list of the best in puffer coats.

Want to give something more unique for loved ones? Check out this well-cultivated list.

Need a last-minute stocking stuffer? How about Rebecca Minkoff’s  “in the bag” zip pouch.

… and while you’re out shopping, if you’re in the Chelsea area AND you don’t mind waiting six hours for a 45-second selfie, check out the David Zwirner Gallery “Infinity Mirrored Room.”

Festive Looks

Still looking for that festive outfit? Here are some great pieces below:

FORGET the ugly Christmas sweater parties and start your own tradition of ugly Christmas ONESIES.  Check out this one by Preen. Yes, it’s pricey, but who can put a price on being the “best (ugliest)-dressed” one at the party?

…and speaking of being lazy about getting dressed, check out Tamara Mellon’s pant boots — the pants that are literally boots, or the boots that are literally pants.

Have the outfit but trying to find the perfect makeup to go with it? This .GIF guide has some ideas on how to create the perfect holiday look.

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