Power Source: The Essence of Dr. Angelou

by Columnist

The spirit and inspiration of Maya Angelou will only grow stronger with time.

By Adoria Doucette

(Photo by Giovanni Marshall)

(Photo by Giovanni Marshall)

Too often, when a prominent individual passes away there is a great outpouring of grief and celebration, which fades away after a week or two. We must not let this pattern develop for Dr. Maya Angelou, one of the most influential American souls of the last 100 years. The American journey of Angelou was one that was colorful, soulful and full of triumph over tragedy. The hundreds of media articles and profiles we have been inundated with since her passing have provided autobiographical facts about her life. But Power Source seeks to provide insight into her legacy, which is distinctly American and reminds us of what we must hold dear to protect, defend, and promote.

Words are always more powerful than the sword, and Ms. Angelou will always be remembered as a distinct artist that was able to capture the American ideal within her art and spirit, catapulting the lives, minds, and imagination of countless millions. Her phrase “And still I rise…” is a source of inspiration for millions of individuals who seek solace and strength in times of adversity. Her poem at President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration encouraged us all to welcome a “new morning” in American history, and her tireless lectures and travel up until the day of her death continued to spread the essence of what she described as “Giving birth again to the dream.”

Though the most notable dignitaries in the world have laid Ms. Angelou to rest, her words and spirit will reign through posterity. Let us reflect upon the true meaning of her resilience and successful efforts to capture our minds and hearts. The strength and beauty that she shared are inspiration to us all and must be called upon to continue to build our American dream.


Power Source is an insider’s view of power networks and activities that contribute to the continued dominance of our nation’s ideals, institutions and individuals. Ms. Doucette has privately orchestrated projects for the world’s most influential individuals, celebrated personalities, and corporations. Based in Washington D.C., Ms. Doucette is a proud native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She can be reached at: adoria@thepowersourcedc.com

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