Special Report: Washington Innovators

A city known for politics is getting hacked by millennials and startups.


Front Row (L to R), , ExecOnline, Uyen Tang, Stylecable, Joseph Santoro, Waveborn, Dan Ye, CollegeNode, Jan Pablo Segura, 1EQ. Second Row (L to R), Hannah Rho, CollegeNode, Emmanuel Smadja, MPOWER Financing, Richard Graves, Ethical Electric, Ketan Patel, DailyHealth, Dave Haft, ImpactHub, Justin Searles, VentureBoard, John Fanguy, Engagiant, Dave Anderson, Hitch, Camp McCurry, Drizly, Mariama Kabia, Memunatu Magazine, Fatama Kabia, Memunatu Magazine, , EdBacker, Josh Hurd, NonprofitIQ, Le-Marie Thompson, Nettadonna, Nicole Gallub, Pelonkey, , Piper, Ciera Gallub, Pelonkey, Michael Heller, Engagiant, Hunter Hayes, Zerocycle. Third Row (L to R), Shaofeng Yang, Locus Social, Charles McGuire-Wein, Good World, Michael Madon, RedOwl Analytics, Harun Kazaz, American Story Channel, Mrim Boutla, More Than Money Careers, Grant Elliott, Ostendio, Brian Christie, Fanaticall, Shana Lawlor, POHs, David Gomez, Hilltop Energy Partners, Charles De Vilmorin, Linked Senior, Starr Barbour, Get the Word Out, Michael Cassidy, NineQ, Natasha Iwegbu, InnoPDG, Scott Block, ventureboard, Martin Levine, Whyttle, Hilina Kebede, BlissInvite, Adam Connor, Brigade, Maksim Tsvetovat, Open Health Network. Fourth Row (L to R), Chris LeSchack, iMougul, Matt Colbert, Spend Consciously, Matthew Kemph, Kickball365, D’An Hagan, SmartDetect, Joseph Keum, ClickOrder, Neel Patel, MGNFY.IT, Bilaal Ahmed, LinkTank, Don Frazer, collegesnapps, David Conley, SavingsSquirrel, Dave Cook, Narrative Sciences, Rick Gersten, Urban Igloo, Robert Betteman, Bun Out the Oven, Erik Skantze, Ivy Standard, Cheryl Montalvo, Julie Gaskins, Geb Jobs Network, Masha Sharma, Totalpass, Robert Mander, Govlish, Gerald Meggett, MyQVO. Fifth Row (L to R), Dan Birdwhistle, Studio Publishing, Kenny Day, BrightRoll, McEwen Hardy, VibeCheck, Thomas Lugbin, Grey Matter, Armin Kiany, EdClub, Jeremy Brosowsky, Agricity, , Dorsal, Paul Guthrie, Potomac Health Solutions, Dan Kuenzi, LocalRoots. (Photo by Tony Powell)

Washington Life’s special feature explores all things innovative in the nation’s capital, from the area’s most influential venture capitalists to the Next Big Thing. See more in the November 2014 issue.

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