Features: The Breakfast Club

by Laura

Six White House correspondents go on the record about access, new media competition and the WHCD.

By Virginia Coyne

(Photo by Tony Powell)

Jim Acosta, Mike Viqueira, Chris Jansing, Ed Henry, Juliet Eilperin and Christi Parsons discuss their experiences as White House correspondents over breakfast at the Hay Adams Hotel. (Photo by Tony Powell)

TThe White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is the biggest party of year, and the festivities surrounding it have become our city’s trademark social event. But have the celebrities overshadowed the journalists and turned the weekend in to a spectacle?  The White House correspondents, for their part, argue the dinner is meant to be both serious AND fun.  Despite their frantic schedules, we managed to sit down for breakfast with six of them, including Chris Jansing of NBC and Ed Henry of rival network Fox News Channel, at the top of The Hay-Adams Hotel overlooking the White House. They demonstrated mutual respect and saw mostly eye-to-eye on everything from how much access they have to the President to how they feel about YouTube vloggers getting one-on-one interviews with Mr. Obama. 

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