WL Lists: Power 100 2015

by Laura

In Washington, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. See who made our 10th annual Power 100 list.

See who made our 10th annual Power 100. (Graphic by Matt Rippetoe)

See who made our 10th annual Power 100. (Graphic by Matt Rippetoe)

In the 10 years since we produced our first “Power 100” list, the landscape of our nation’s capital has changed dramatically. The foundation on which this city was built has not. Power. It’s the elusive prize that most of the doe-eyed are seeking when they first arrive in Washington and it’s the energy drink propelling the graying to the finish line. Who has it, how it’s achieved and for what purpose it is used dominates conversation, including our own.

The names on our list rotate on and off as power changes hands, but the rules we follow when determining who makes the cut remain the same. They are: 1) knowledge is power, 2) influence is power, 3) access is power, 4) the perception of power is power and 5) money can translate into power if used effectively. As always, those who draw a government salary are excluded as there are already enough personnel directories.

Since a female candidate is likely to be a prime contender in the 2016 presidential race, it’s no surprise that more and more women are popping up on our radar screen. Donna Brazile, Gwen Ifill, Anita Dunn, Karen Ignagni, Christine Lagarde, Janet Murguia, Deborah Rutter, Susan Molinari, Donna Harris, Teresa Carlson, Lisa Donner and Cathy Englebert are well known both inside and outside the Beltway and we’re willing to bet they’ll be dominating headlines in the months ahead. And then there is Kathleen Matthews, Marriott’s executive vice president of communications, who graces our cover along with her husband, MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews. We fully expect Kathleen will soon announce that she will run for the 8th district Maryland congressional seat currently held by Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

Read the full list below.

See the full May 2015 issue below.

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