Horse Country: Greenhill Winery & Vineyards

by Erica Moody

You don’t have to go far for vineyard charm with David Greenhill’s Middleburg area winery. 

By Sara Cooper

Greenhill is an ideal spot for weddings (Courtesy Photo)

Greenhill is an ideal spot for weddings (Photo by Abby Jiu Photography)

Nestled in the hills just outside of the bustling little town of Middleburg, Virginia lies the quiet oasis that is Greenhill Winery & Vineyards. It is among the most intimate and charming of wineries in the area, and with eight different wines, it’s sure to have a little something for everyone. Even Michelle Obama has picked a favorite at Greenhill, visiting twice with her friends and selecting the Seyval Blanc as her personal favorite to enjoy at the White House.

David Greenhill (Courtesy Photo)

David Greenhill (Courtesy Photo)

David Greenhill, the man behind the success of Greenhill Winery & Vineyards, originally became interested in owning a piece of Virginia’s beautiful countryside many years ago and ultimately fell in love with Greenhill because of its beautiful buildings and incredible potential. David and Greenhill’s Rebekah Pizana have much to share about the winery and vineyard, and about what their truly French style wines can bring to the table. We sat down with them in the cozy clubhouse one afternoon to find out more about Greenhill and its success.

Greenhill Winery (Photo by Kristen Lynne Photography)

Greenhill Winery (Photo by Kristen Lynne Photography)

From the beginning, Greenhill’s winemaker Sébastien Marquet has approached his land, vines and wines in a unique way. He has never attempted to use wine making principals from California, Italy, or any other area, but instead prefers to “start from scratch and get a feel for the soil,” David says. This care has led to several incredible standout wines being made at Greenhill. Not only do they “have a wine for every type of mood” (David prefers to select his choice for the day based off of what he is feeling at the moment) but they also carefully consider food pairings when making their wines. This allows people to return to the idea that wine is “designed for food more so than just drinking.”


Greenhill Winery (Photo by Jodi Miller Photography)

In fact, David credits Marquet as the person who finalized his decision to revitalize Greenhill in 2013, and what a revitalization it has been! The tasting room at Greenhill Winery & Vineyards is a bright and sunny room with modern finishes and a welcoming atmosphere. Offering beautiful views of the vineyards and surrounding areas, the room and patio are perfect for enjoying all that Greenhill has to offer. But it is the stunning manor house that really brings something special to Greenhill. With huge rooms, private spaces and stunning décor, the house creates the perfect atmosphere for a personal afternoon, tasting or event.


Charolais cows (Photo by Kristen Lynne Photography)

Despite the fact that Greenhill is already an exceptional winery because of its unique atmosphere and amazing wines, David has chosen to continue pursuing growth and expansion. In order to make the most out of their land in Middleburg, he has begun raising Charolais cows “on land that is unsuitable for vines.” The grass-fed beef will be available in the tasting room alongside Greenhill’s own honey – beginning with ten hives, they will have their first harvest next spring. And speaking of the tasting room, David is looking to expand that too, creating “three levels, a downstairs basement barrel kind of room level, the main level for public tasting and then upstairs… a wine bar.”

Greenhill Winery & Vineyards is definitely a place to visit and watch in the coming years. David Greenhill and staff won’t be sitting still, and you won’t want to miss any of their changes. And while you’re there, have a glass of the refreshing Chardonnay – its subtle pineapple, fig and apple flavors are just perfect for a summer evening.

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