Fashionable Life: Sartorial Sensibility

by Catherine Trifiletti

Amina Rubinacci brings her luxury Italian designs to Georgetown.

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By Catherine Trifiletti

Alessandro Spada at Amina Rubinacci in Georgetown. (Photo by Catherine Trifiletti)

Alessandro Spada at Amina Rubinacci in Georgetown. (Photo by Catherine Trifiletti)

Simple. That’s the word that embodies the essence of Amina Rubinacci’s clothes. It’s also how Rubinacci’s son, Alessandro Spada, defines his mother’s style. “My mother has a really clear taste…she likes simple things that you can wear every day,” says Spada.

Fans of the brand were invited to the Georgetown store recently for prosecco, light fare and a chance to meet Spada who hails from Naples, Italy.

The Georgetown storefront was born out of owner Merribel Ayres’ entrepreneurial drive and love for the Rubinacci brand, which she had discovered years earlier on a business trip to Rome. Ayres, a Washingtonian herself, decided the female movers and shakers in the D.C. market needed access to the impeccably crafted line that is equal parts professional and chic.

Sweaters at Amina Rubinacci in Georgetown (Photo by Catherine Trifiletti)

Sweaters at Amina Rubinacci in Georgetown (Photo by Catherine Trifiletti)

Spada’s family understands fashion from generations of experience. His grandfather, Rubinacci’s father, was a tailor and his grandmother was an avid knitter. In her early years working in the fashion industry, Rubinacci was crowned with the moniker “queen of wool” by big fashion houses in Paris and beyond. The name was driven by Rubinacci’s dedication to the craft of knitting with quality fabric – a standard that served her well when she started her own line.

The importance of local craftsmanship is paramount to Rubinacci so it is no surprise that the brand is predicated on the ‘Made In Italy’ tag each garment boasts. It is especially notable since many high-end fashion houses now outsource production. Quality over quantity reigns true for Rubinacci.

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According to Spada, the style philosophy caters to women 30 and over who would rather have a few select pieces that stand the test of time instead of a closet filled with ephemeral trends.

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The simplistic elegance that is signature of Rubinacci’s collection lends to versatile closet staples good for any occasion.

Brava, Amina, brava!

Visit Amina Rubinacci’s shop at 2822 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW or online at  

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