Out & About: Kittens for a Cause

by Catherine Trifiletti

Uber launches UberKITTENS promotion to raise funds for the Washington Humane Society.

By Catherine Trifiletti

A WHS volunteer walks two kittens down the red carpet (photo by Catherine Trifiletti).

A WHS volunteer walks two kittens down the red carpet (Photo by Catherine Trifiletti)

Just when you thought Uber couldn’t be any more essential to your daily life, they transformed a regular Thursday into Caturday. The ridesharing service launched its UberKITTENS promotion nationally to raise funds and awareness for local animal shelters in conjunction with National Cat Day. The playful promotion, drawing on Wednesday night’s Republican debate, debuted the rescue kittens as “PAWliticians” named Gato Rubio, Carly Felineorina and Pawnald Trump, among others. The only difference was that the cat-idates, unlike the real candidates, got along.

Early Thursday morning a fleet of black Uber SUVs congregated outside of the Washington Humane Society (WHS) off of New York Avenue in Northeast D.C. to scoop up the precious cargo. Teaming up with Washington Humane Society volunteers, sharply dressed Uber drivers delivered the tiny felines to cat lovers around the city for 15 minute ($30) cuddle sessions. Proceeds from the visits will benefit WHS.

At any given time, between its two locations and a number of foster homes, the Washington Humane Society has about 400-500 animals in the system. Lauren Lipsey, the director of rehoming at WHS, explains that cats account for most of the animals because, in addition to having larger litters, they also require a longer waiting period before they can be vaccinated and readied for adoption. The goal of the Uber promotion was to get the word out about the animals in need of permanent homes.

On Thursday, you didn’t have to be a Democrat to think Elizabeth Purren was the cat’s meow.

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