FYIDC: ‘Lights. Camera. I DO!’

by Erica Moody

Exclusively Entertainment hosts bridal showcase in Bethesda, complete with a mock wedding.

A happily married couple (Photo Courtesy of

A happily married couple (Photo Courtesy of

Congrats! You’re engaged. But what comes next? Wedding planning can be more stressful than it is fun, but Exclusively Entertainment CEO Iman Huschmand says it doesn’t have to be. His upcoming bridal showcase “Lights. Camera. I DO!” gives you a taste of what to expect, with a mock wedding and more than 50 vendors on hand to go over everything from photos to flowers. We chatted with Huschmand about what to expect from the event, how to budget for your wedding and his most memorable wedding to date.

Washington Life: What can a newly engaged couple expect from this event?
Iman Huschmand: “Lights. Camera. I DO!” is essentially a front-row seat at a staged or mock wedding where couples can be inspired by the latest trends, ideas and designs. The event is an opportunity to not just see, touch and experience new products and services, but to meet the wedding professionals behind them, too. We also want to give couples — who are already stressed — the peace of mind that all of our vendors have been hand-picked based on their experience, online reviews and awards.

WL: Are there any exciting wedding trends that you see emerging this year?
IH: We’re definitely seeing a return to the classics. From venues such as vineyards and barns to fashion — traditional gowns and tuxedos — the trends are moving more towards the “white glove” look and feel. There’s also lots of vintage influence and you may have even noticed that a number of wedding photos now have vintage cars in them.

WL: What’s the biggest challenge you think couples face when planning a wedding?
IH: Unfortunately, what I observe most is couples who don’t budget properly. But, it’s not entirely their fault. Couples are overwhelmed, not just because of time constraints, but also with the number of vendors, products and services on the market that they can choose from. On top of that, they are making all of the decisions for a type of event that they’ve never planned before.

WL: What advice would you give couples to help them reduce the stress that comes with wedding planning?
IH: I would remind them that this is just a big party and that it’s their day. They should focus on doing what makes them happy, and not on what anyone else wants or expects from their wedding.

WL: Any tips for a budget-friendly wedding?
IH: Yes!

  • Hold the ceremony at home or outdoors
  • Design and make your own invitations
  • Rent tuxedos as a group
  • Not every guest table needs a centerpiece
  • Choose a venue and caterer that allow you to bring in your own liquor

WL: Most memorable wedding you’ve ever attended and why?
IH: Ironically, after more than 600 weddings, the most memorable for me is one that happened very recently. I was hosting a wedding, and in the middle of one of the songs, an intoxicated hotel guest — wearing nothing but his underwear — entered the ballroom and stumbled onto the dance floor. Once I realized he wasn’t a part of the evening’s surprise entertainment, I had no choice but to forcefully remove said guest and literally drag him out of the ballroom by his arms. I even have the video to prove it!

Lights. Camera. I DO! will be at the Bethesda Marriott on Sunday, February 21 from 12-6pm. Tickets range from $15 per person to $60 per couple. A mock wedding and catered lunch will take place from 12-3pm where models will act out a wedding ceremony and reception. Guests will also have the opportunity to meet 50+ top-rated bridal vendors in the hair, makeup, gown/tuxedo, floral, photography, catering and beauty industries from 3-6pm. Confirmed vendors include RSVP Catering, Nour Kazoun Make Up Artistry, Hitched Bridal Couture, Sareh Nouri New York and more. Click here to purchase tickets.

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