Fashionable Life: Alana Hadid

by Erica Moody

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s big sister, a stylist and D.C. native, launches Lou & Grey capsule collection. 

By Aubrey Almanza

Gigi, Alana and Bella Hadid at the Alana Hadid x Lou & Grey launch event (Photo Courtesy of Lou & Grey)

Gigi, Alana and Bella Hadid at the Alana Hadid x Lou & Grey launch event (Photo Courtesy of Lou & Grey)

Though her last name precedes her, there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding Alana Hadid, the older sister of Gigi and Bella Hadid, and daughter of real estate mogul, Mohammed Hadid. She’s a member of the fashion world as a stylist and designer, but unlike her mega-model sisters, Alana often operates behind the scenes. Most recently, Hadid has collaborated with Lou & Grey by designing a capsule collection which includes leather clutches, bandanas, totes and other staple pieces.

Washington Life had the chance to interview Alana, a Washington, D.C. native herself, about her exciting collection, favorite places in the city and her thoughts on the region’s sense of style.

Washington Life: Can you talk about your style evolution? Growing up in the D.C. area, did your style begin with a more East Coast or preppy look, then change when you moved to California?
Alana Hadid: My style has definitely evolved a great deal, but I think it has always had roots in the way I thought of dressing as a kid. I definitely didn’t have an east coast style profile. I shopped at thrift stores, army surplus and Commander Salamander in Georgetown and wore a lot of printed tights under short overalls and jeans under dresses. Most of my friends wore the preppier style and I liked it, it just wasn’t what I felt comfortable in. I definitely had a California style ideology before I moved.

Alana Hadid

Alana Hadid (Photo Courtesy of Lou & Grey)

WL: How have you felt about being the face of this Lou & Grey capsule? Do you prefer working behind the scenes?
AH: It’s been a fun role reversal. I’m enjoying every moment of this experience. I feel humbled that Lou & Grey wanted to feature me and make me the face of the collection and I’m just enjoying it.

WL: What do you think makes bandanas and silk scarves so versatile? How do you choose to style them?
AH: I think it’s the ability to wear them with any outfit. They truly can be incorporated no matter your aesthetic. I love wearing them around the neck, but they can be tied on a purse, put in your back pocket, or tied around a pony tail. They really go everywhere.

WL: Where did you draw your inspiration as you designed your collection for Lou & Grey?
AH: I drew inspiration from everywhere. Mostly things I really connect to, patterns I love and pieces I think every girl should have in their closet.

WL: What are you favorite spots to visit when you’re in town? Which places in Washington hold a special significance for you?
AH: When I’m in DC I spend most of my time in my family and friends living rooms, but I love walking around in Georgetown. It makes me feel really young, in a good way. There are places I always stop because they remind me of childhood. I always stop at Cafe Milano – I would go there with my mom and her friends for lunch when I was really young. I like to go to at least one museum as well. I miss the times when I would do three or more in one day on a field trip. DC itself is significant for me.


Alana x Lou & Grey leather clutch, $98 (Image Courtesy of Lou & Grey)

WL: What are your packing essentials for when you spend Christmas on the East Coast?
AH: That’s my favorite time. I always suggest thinking about layers. A jacket for day and at least one warm coat for night. Obviously a scarf or a bandana or both. Good t-shirts and a great skirt or dress that can be worn with tights and boots for Christmas dinner.

WL: What do you find unique about the style of women in Washington?
AH: Their ability to continue to look elegant in the face of the trend towards the undone. I think there is something to be said and respected about the pulled together, polished and head to toe look that D.C. women achieve. It takes effort and attention to detail and it’s unique in this time in fashion. I love it.

Alana Hadid x Lou & Grey, launches on Monday, February 22.

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