Fashionable Life: Love Style Life

by Catherine Trifiletti

Charming fashion blogger, Garance Doré, uses her new book to share wisdom about life and style.

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By Catherine Trifiletti

Doré's books on display at Club Monaco in Georgetown.

Doré’s books on display at Club Monaco in Georgetown.

With almost a half million followers on Instagram and many more loyal readers of her self-titled style blog, it’s safe to say Garance Doré has found her niche. Having grown up in the majestic French isle of Corsica, Doré’s appreciation for natural beauty is almost innate. In fact, a side-by-side comparison of the Mediterranean beach landscapes she was raised on and her classically easy street style make the connection unmistakeable.

Perhaps what’s fresher than Doré’s chic sartorial sense is her authentic voice – one that stands out in a blogosphere jammed packed with PR-driven brands. Doré’s blog is equal parts fashion, beauty and lifestyle, much of which is told through her narrative and nostalgic lens. With a solid and unapologetically honest voice, Doré serves as the antithesis to the cookie-cutter style brand— you might even say she wears her heart on her perfectly-styled sleeve!

Last year Doré took on the biggest feat of any writer and wrote a book, capitalizing further on her knack for storytelling.

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In “Love Style Life,” which she is currently touring around the country, Doré uses her irresistible charm and wit to effortlessly navigate each of the three topics with a highly personal take.

At her book signing in Georgetown’s newly-opened Club Monaco, Doré weighed in on the challenge of keeping blog content new and exciting while staying inspired in the process.

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She finds that if she is not mentally stimulated, the lackluster writing trickles down to her devoted readership. For that reason, she is always looking to strike a balance of staying-in-the-know and staying true to her wanderlust.

Doré cited recent efforts like cutting back on the number of shows she attended during New York’s fashion week in February. She told us that it was once the greatest thing in the world to walk in, take a seat in the back and admire the front rows filled with the likes of Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, but after a while the scene became stale, repetitive and utterly exhausting for Doré (only now that she has achieved front row status, of course). The decision to cut back may seem at-odds with Doré’s career in fashion, but to her, the importance of inspiration trumped being a face in the audience at every show. Now, Doré picks a handful of shows and appreciates them individually and, most importantly, fully.

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Doré’s approach to fashion week aligns perfectly with her advice on life– never be complacent. Doing more and seeing more is how Dore maintains her penman style she calls “soul writing” and she emphasizes that exploring the world is the best way to keep the soul and mind thriving. That explains why she refers to herself as an “international citizen,” refusing to be solely attached to her home of New York City or any of the various other cities she frequents.

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Dore’s spirited take on life makes us want to tear a page out of her book (not literally).

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