The Investigators: James Comey

by Editorial

James Comey, Former FBI Director

There’s a Biblical touch to the narrative that Donald Trump embraced James Comey, and then fired him. By getting rid of the FBI director, Trump set in motion a sequence of dramatic events that continue to roil the White House as they edge towards a yet unknown conclusion. And yet, like Trump, Comey also waits for Mueller’s final verdict of some of his more controversial actions. In April, Comey released his much- anticipated tell-all book,“A Higher Loyalty,” which offers a scathing assessment of his former boss. He held no punches as he made the rounds on television news programs, calling Trump “morally unfit” to be president in an interview with ABC. Comey’s high profile appearances led the Commander in Chief to fire off a number of tweets in which he contradicted himself about why he had terminated Comey, this time saying he “was not fired because of the phony Russia investigation,” when he had previously told a reporter that the Russia investigation played a big role in his decision to fire the FBI director. Confused yet?

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