The Investigators: Robert Mueller

by Editorial

Robert Mueller, Special Counsel
Every night before he goes to sleep, Donald Trump checks under his bed to see if Robert Swan Mueller is hiding there–which, metaphorically, he is. But Mueller became a boogeyman of Trump’s own making, when he sacked James Comey. As Mueller, a lifelong Republican, peels away the layers of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign, tension grows in the White House. Mueller’s investigation has leaked very little, so people will only know the details when his findings are made public. As of this writing, however, Mueller has brought over 100 criminal charges against 19 people, including former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and former campaign manager Paul Manafort. In April, the FBI raided the offices of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen upon the referral of Mueller, a move that so infuriated the President that he has put on hold the possibility of sitting down for an interview with the special counsel. Trump also hired former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to help bring an end to the Russia probe, but how he would do that is unclear. And the question arises weekly: Could the president fire the special counsel?

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