‘Silence The Violence’ Benefit To Support At-Risk Youths in DC

by Alexis McCowan

Headlined by Katy Perry, Mavis Staples and Norah Jones, David Lynch Foundation’s ‘Silence The Violence’ benefit will give the District a fighting chance against trauma.

On October 11, the David Lynch Foundation will host its ‘Silence the Violence’ benefit concert — featuring Katy Perry, Mavis Staples, Norah Jones, Celebration Gospel Choir, Jeremy Elliot and more — for an evening of music and community in support of the Meditation Center at THEARC. The event, held at The Anthem, will raise the funds needed to bring transcendental meditation techniques to 10,000 at-risk youths in DC.

The David Lynch Foundation started the Meditation Center at THEARC in January 2018 to address the epidemic of stress and trauma which undermines the health and well-being of residents in Wards 7 and 8.

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The technique has been shown to reduce stress, heal PTSD, lower substance abuse, improve academic performance and graduation rates and reduce arrests for violent crime. Within THEARC Partners, the technique has already been taught to more than 500 people.

Residents participate in transcendental meditation at the Meditation Center (Photo by Adam Pressman at the David Lynch Foundation)

Bob Roth, director of the David Lynch Foundation details the traumas faced by children as a result of cyberbullying, constant social media exposure, violent neighborhoods and academic pressure. “The trauma that a child feels is not limited to one ward to another,” says Roth.

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“We are living in an epidemic of trauma and stress that cuts across all ages, all economic backgrounds, all professions. We are swimming in an ocean of stress and the problem is our young people are drowning in stress and there is no magic pill we can take that actually prevents or cures stress.”

The Meditation Center office (West Campus)

Roth notes that transcendental health is an effective technique that will help reduce stress and that the ‘Silence the Violence’ benefit is a step in the right direction. Additionally, Roth adds that in 3-4 years he believes transcendental meditation will be a part of smart health programs in schools and companies as another “tool in the toolbox.” Roth adds that he is excited about hosting performing artists who share an appreciation for the foundation and value of meditation.

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All of the artists were excited and honored to be able to participate.

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“The event is ‘Silence the Violence’; violence is fueled by stress, anger and tension. We want to address that concept at its core,” Roth says.

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He believes the benefit concert will bring the District together to combat trauma and help people realize that they can take control of their well being. As for the result? Roth hopes guests will leave saying, “I just heard the best music in my life and I have hope for a better future for the district and the world.”

Tickets are currently sold out.

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