Wine at Wolf Trap

by WL Author

The Barns at Wolf Trap Farm PHOTOS Courtesy of Wolf Trap, Abe Landes and Yasmin Holman

FROM RIESLING TO BORDEAUX: “We have a spectacular menu,” Wolf Trap CEO Arvind Manocha told guests at the park’s spectacular wine dinner, “and I’m so grateful for the wine pairing … We’re going to eat well, we’re going to drink well.” And
so guests did, starting with terrine of Irish oak smoked salmon with heirloom beets and quail egg, paired with an Australian Lodge Hill Riesling (2017) and ending with corned beef and cabbage alongside a Château Kirwan, Margaux of Bordeaux (2015). The elegant wine pairings and Irish-themed food were courtesy of master sommelier Jarad Slipp and chef Cathal Armstrong of the Eat Good Food Group, whose dinners growing up were distinct. With a home vegetable garden and an avid cook for a father, his family would often sit at the dinner table and say, “Nobody else in Ireland tonight is eating what we’re eating.” Beyond the epicurious, Manocha reminded guests of Wolf Trap’s purpose as a community resource with education programs that reach over 100,000 children and their families—a mission ever more critical in today’s environment. “We’ve been given a responsibility to steward the trust of that community,” he said, “and we take that very seriously.”


How has your strategy changed as an organization in looking to summer programming and beyond? Everything is
changing by the day. We are working closely with the artist community and the music industry to see how we are all going to weather the storm as a family. It’s too early to make predictions at this point but we are keeping prepared so that when we are able to gather again as a society we will.

With many shows being postponed or canceled, what should people know? We appreciate everyone being patient. Like everyone we are juggling a lot of different logistical details and the advice of authorities and experts so
understanding that sometimes the normal flow or processes might look a little different is much appreciated. And, of course, in this year we want to be as strong a community and education resource as possible, so keeping
the arts and arts education community in everyone’s thoughts is important to us.

What aspects of Wolf Trap can be enjoyed from home? The arts are even more important and necessary today, especially for our children and their parents. We have a great way to help keep kids engaged and learning through the arts while they are at home! Through the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, we have a wealth of online teaching videos and lesson plans that use the arts to teach STEM. The Wolf Trap Opera’s 2019 production of Strauss’ “Ariadne auf Naxos” is available online to stream.

Stories of goodwill you are able to share? Too many. Uncertainty is stressful, and frightening, and hard; it also brings out the best in people. Like everyone, I’m sure, we see the very best in people come to the surface, so we can try to manage the best way we know how while being kind to each other.

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