Health & Wellness: Finding Balance at Home

by Catherine Trifiletti

A how-to for in-home meditation practice

Wellness coach Camille Wolff

Stay-at-home orders have rocked our daily lives and in the process, pulverized sacred routines. Whether conscious of it or not, such change greatly affects our mental and physical health. Beginning the journey to heal the cluttered attics of our mind is a daunting proposition. But based on countless studies showing the holistic benefits of meditation, it seems like a natural place to start. For tips on how to approach the elusive practice, we chatted with wellness coach Camille Wolff, who has made it her life’s work to help clients adopt healthy lifestyles. To those intimidated by the challenge of meditating, she explains that the exercise doesn’t have to be perfect for users to reap its benefits. “The goal is not absence of thought … if you lay down for five minutes and focus on your breathing,” Wolff says,” you will feel less stressed, always.”

Benefits of Meditation: After a daily shower your body feels refreshed and cared for. Meditation provides the same ritual for your brain. Mentally, it raises self-worth and supports clear decision making. Physically, it unwinds the nervous system and allows the body to heal.

Advice for First-timers: Close your eyes and ask yourself: (1) What emotion do I feel right now? (2) What do I need from this meditation? (3) What is my intention for this practice? Let go of what you think meditation should look, feel or sound like. Start slowly, begin with five minutes and work your way up. Remember that if you can breathe, you can meditate.

Best Time to Meditate: Meditation is best done when you’ll actually do it. If you have trouble falling asleep it’s great to do before bed; if you’re someone who hits a midday slump, an after lunch meditation is probably best. If you need clarity or motivation, a morning session is a fun ritual to start the day.

App Recommendations: Hello Mind is amazing for insomnia and has a meditation for just about any issue a person could be facing. Headspace is a great starter app, it teaches you how to meditate and is very user-friendly.

Space Matters

These items will help you achieve zen.

Hey Dewy
Humidifier, $39,
Breathe in healthier, more radiant skin with the Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier. This portable USB humidifier can be plugged into your laptop, car port or charger to keep you hydrated throughout the day at work, home,hotel or on a plane.

Synergy Foldable On-The-Go Yoga Mat, $49.95,
The fold-up mat provides an anchor to both your mediation and yoga practices. Its Synergy Technology bonds lightweight yoga mesh backing, with a lush, ultra-absorbent non-slip microfiber towel.

Little Leaf
Sansiveria, aka snake plant, 1401 S St., NW
The local plant shop offers a variety of indoor greenery to spruce up your space. In addition to releasing extra oxygen into the air, plants can help reduce stress and anxiety. Having a dose of nature in your home can also be immune-boosting according to numerous studies.

Writer’s Log Large Leather Notebook, $35,
Writing can be an added benefit of meditation, especially when setting intentions for your daily practice. Designate a writing pad or this chic Rustico notebook as your personal journal.

Jo Malone
Orange Blossom Diffuser, $102,
Your olfactory senses will thank you after one whiff of this trusted brand’s limited edition diffuser. Spring scents of rebirth and renewal are accented with notes of ripe citrus fruit.

Calabash Tea & Tonic
“My Last Good Nerve,” from $10,
847 7th St. NW
The local tea shop encourages you to “soothe those frazzled nerves with the relaxing scent and taste of lavender.” The flowering plant helps ease anxiety and promote relaxation.

This article appeared in the Summer 2020 issue of Washington Life magazine. 

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