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THE EVENT: It’s not easy being perfect. Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton had their ‘10s at the Olympics; Bo Derek had her own take; and recently Apollo Ono and dance partner Julianne Hough had a few ‘10s on the dance fl oor. But even the sum totals of Bo, Apollo, Mary Lou and Nadia couldn’t add up to the collection of perfect 100 point wines at the exclusive CharityWorks wine tasting to benefi t Center City Consortium - a charity that off ers elementary and middle school education to 2,400 at-risk children.

THE SCENE: Lead sponsors Jean-Marie and Raul Fernandez know that when the area’s top celebrity chefs (see chart for details) get together to pair culinary creations with a collection of exquisite wines, it makes their job easy. The event at Glenstone - a modern art museum dedicated to the integration of art, architecture and landscape - raised more than $600,000. For the un-initiated, “wine geek” Steve Olson provided tips on how to navigate an A List wine tasting.

THE PEOPLE: Wendy Adeler, Josh Bolton, Ralph Boyd, Jack Davies, Isabel Ernst, Leah Gansler, Jack Kemp, Kay Kendall, James Kimsey, Liz and Fernando Murias, Miriam Pollin, Russell and Norma Ramsey, and Joe Robert and Ashley Taylor.



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