‘History Makers’ Dinner

Kai Milla, Vernon Jordan, Valerie Jarrett, Ann Jordan, Richard Parsons, and  Janice Cook Roberts

Kai Milla, Vernon Jordan, , , Richard Parsons, and

Location: Vernon and Ann Jordan Residence


HONORING LEADERSHIP: Democratic Party heavyweights and other assorted pals gathered at the home of Vernon and Ann Jordan to celebrate the groundbreaking career of Time Warner Inc. Chairman after he was interviewed at George Washington University by for the next segment of PBS’s series, The History Makers, a national oral history project devoted to African-American leaders.

POWER PACKED: The presence of top Obama advisors guaranteed major buzz as talk focused on speculation about the new administration’s likely economic and foreign policy initiatives as well as various high-level appointments expected in the coming weeks.

Click here for a full photo gallery from the event.

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