Jess McCann Book Launch

by Editorial
Author Jess Mccann

Author Jess Mccann

Location: City Tavern Club

WL SPONSORED – Photos by Tony Powell

CHAPTER 1: Jess McCann’s You Lost Him at Hello is a rollicking ride through relationships, so not surprisingly, the talk of the party among the summer stylist thirty-something crowd was love lost and won. McCann’s book treats love like a sales plan, from promoting the product to closing the deal. For her part, the 31 year-old author is still single, but she has an impressive list of former boyfriends – athletes and millionaires included. Perhaps she’s been too busy closing a book deal than finding a new beau. PAGE TURNERS: Michael Saylor, Winston Bao Lord, Tricia Favro, Kim Becker, Gina Gun, and Tim and Kathleen English.

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