National Symphony Ball

by Editorial
Hungarian designer Barbara Leber and Andrea Somogyi.

Hungarian designer Barbara Leber and Andrea Somogyi.

Location: Kennedy Center Terrace

Photos by James R. Brantley

Drinks, dinner and dancing under a great tent following a stellar seasonal opening performance in the Concert Hall. (Supremo violinist Itzhak Perlman played Mozart when he wasn’t conducting works by Tchaikovsky, Strauss and Ravel.) Whatever charge the crowd got from Bolero’s finale soon translated to the dance floor, where gala-clad patrons moved con molto brio to the rhythms of a lively salsa band. Nary a word was heard of bankruptcies or bailouts throughout the night — which raised a cool $2 million for the NSO. SEEN: Attorney General Michael Mukasey, HUD Secretary Steve Preston, British Ambassador Sir Nigel and Lady Sheinwald, Jordanian Ambassador Prince Zaid al-Hussein, and ball chairwoman Adrienne Arsht.

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