Corcoran 1869 Society Fall Fete

by Editorial
Kelly Kavcsak and Kamari Wheeler

Kelly Kavcsak and Kamari Wheeler

Location: The Corcoran Gallery of Art

WL SPONSORED – Photos By Kyle Samperton

THE PARTY: A night of glitz, glamour, and, of course, lots of art at the annual fête hosted by the gallery’s youthful 1869 Society. This year’s theme urged guests to Party with the Power Players while featuring an exclusive look at Richard Avedon’s “Portraits of Power” exhibit. Upstairs, guests admired his iconic photographs of statesmen and movie stars; downstairs they kept dancing ’till the very end, breaking it down to some classic tunes mixed by DJ Will Eastman.

THE PLAYERS: Omar Popal, Cameron and Kurt Rupprecht, Kristen Guiter, Trevor Young, Bridget Morris, Phillipa Hughes, Alexandra Alvarez, and Maggie Ford.

Click here to see the full photo gallery from this event.

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