Fight Night

by Editorial
JT Taylor and Harold Ford

JT Taylor and Harold Ford

Location: Hilton Washington

WL SPONSORED – Photos by Tony Powell

THE MAIN EVENT: In what has become one of the city’s top fundraising events, this quintessential boys-night-out raised $2.8 million for Fight For Children, an independent non-profit organization committed to improving education in local schools and keeping kids healthy so they can learn.

READY TO RUMBLE: Boxing greats, sports heroes, beautiful table servers and ring ladies, Redskins cheerleaders, major business leaders, influential politicians, and, of course, boxing, make Joe Robert’s annual smoke and Chivas-filled fundraiser the most anticipated of the fall charity season.

IN THE RING: Jermaine Dupri, Alphonso Maldon, Manny Acta, Dick Butkus, Ken Norton, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Michael Spinks, Jef Zell, Adrian Fenty, Bob Sloan, Bob Pincus, and Gen. James Jones.

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