Alvin Ailey 50th Anniversary Gala

by Editorial
Jill Biden, Judith Jamison, and Marian Robinson

Jill Biden, Judith Jamison, and Marian Robinson

Location: Kennedy Center

Photos By Kyle Samperton

Fifty years of the country’s pre-eminent African American dance company, another joyous performance of the classic “Revelations” by the talented troupe, and a very special new first couple in the White House. SPECIAL GUESTS: The Obamas didn’t make it into the presidential box until later in the run but Jill Biden and Marian Robinson (Michelle Obama’s mother) stayed for the show and a chat with Ailey artistic director Judith Jamison. ALSO SPOTTED: Co-chairwomen Carolyn Brody and Beatrice Welters, Michael Kahn, Polly Kraft, George and Liz Stevens, Ann Stock, Debbie Dingell, Huda and Samia Farouki, Jim Kolbe, Marc and Jacqueline Leland, John Cochran, Bill Plante, Hilary Rosen, and Sissy Yates.

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